Paper in the Wind

Simple, everyday things amuse me. For example, a piece of paper blowing in the wind..

It was made by Sydney based artist Gary Deirmendjian.

1. a wondering through city fringe laneways;
2. a scrap of paper torn from a nearby skip;
3. a breeze; and
4. a pocket camera aimed with the hope of catching something interesting.

Gary says “It was all inspired and spurred on by the moment, as in there was no preconceived idea or intent to begin with – it took form as I began the filming. The breathing was added in editing.”

See Gary Deirmendjian’s youtube channel here.

It made me think of the plastic bag in the wind scene from the American Beauty movie (I love that scene).
“Sometimes there’s so much beauty in the world I feel like I can’t take it, like my heart’s going to cave in.”

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Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. good piece of video art but it lost its beauty when you poked the paper with, what looked like, an unberella.
    as an artist, with an interest in video art myself. i feel that films like these should be left to just roll and capture the natural beauty of the moment and the artist should not intervene.
    this film would have been better if you had just left the paper to dance and rest naturally, in harmony with the breeze.

  2. Yeah, I wondered why the paper had to die Paul. But I guess it’s just what we humans do; kill things.

  3. Nice little movie. Amazing what a feeling of desolation a little piece of paper can give. The expressive qualities of folded and wrinkled sheets of plant fiber (e.g., cloth) have been used for their expressive power since ancient times: e.g., here

    15th c. artists made much of folds also: e.g., Jan van Eyck

  4. … thank you Paul, and I understand what you are saying. However it needed to be that way as I felt a certain commitment to the moment and in a way became what was being asked of me. I did not anticipate to becoming its “killer”. It all began with simply throwing the paper and pressing record, in an attempt to to simply document its behaviour in a detached manner. But, in the spur of moment I sensed the call to share the stage with the paper – to become an active character, its predator if you like and eventually its killer. Hopefully the title suggests the escalating nature of the happening. I’ve had the footage for some time but only recently was able to bring it together. I was being true to the moment I guess …

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  5. Yea, interesting and engaging enough… but two words for you “American Beauty”.

  6. That’s what I thought!

  7. Ha! I JUST uploaded a video that reminds me of this (like 10 minutes ago… how strange)
    AND, I saw this one as well…
    Seems to be a theme- watching things float around of their own accord.


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