Paul Balmer Cityscapes

Two of my favorite painting subjects (at the moment) are still lifes and cityscapes. I like that the subject doesn’t have to be that interesting to make an interesting painting, meaning that the best still life and cityscape painters are really alchemists. Ordinary pots and pans or congested and polluted city views can be turned into paintings of great beauty.

Paul Balmer is a South African born, Australian taught, NYC based painter doing some amazing cityscape paintings.
Paul Balmer Cityscape paintings
High as the Horizon – Paul Balmer

Paul Balmer Cityscape paintings
Gallant – Paul Balmer

Paul Balmer Cityscape paintings
Between Night and Day – Paul Balmer

He does some nice cityscape drawings and landscape paintings too.. which can be seen on his website here.

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  1. I visited the website, and found that he does some really nice work. His landscapes are great as well.

  2. Donald Frazell says:

    Very nice work. Uses a oetic structure, really a modern artists as he uses the whole picture plane, the edges are reinforced, the top often has a slight band to bringh the picutre forward into teh room, rather than recessed and focuses on the particular subject matter, like Contemp art did,(RIP.

    Subject matter is irrelevant, except that it has a emotinal ressonance in theeh artist, that he has learned and come to understand, and so relate to the viewer. It can be cezannes apples, jugs, mountain or lake, brining forward taht connection to teh world and being apart of it IS the artists purpose, his role in life. I wish him luck, art will be returning to its basics, its fundamentals again, he is already there.

    Not deep as far as emotinal valued, but playful, energetic, it is art, nice to see, thats a rare thing these days.

    art collegia delenda est

  3. wow, I agree, these are spectacular.
    I wish you and your family the very best this Holiday Season. Merry Christmas!!!

  4. Thanks for posting the link to his site. I checked it out and was more pulled by the landscape paintings. They have a great sense of color – like a Wyeth painting while sliding past the details to focus on a mood of harmony.

    Great pick!


  5. The first image interests me, and from his site his landscapes and early work. Interesting the transition from early pieces.

  6. I really love how simple his paintings are and I noticed his use of bridges in most of his city-scape paintings. I wonder if there is any significance to that? Good stuff though.

  7. there’s vibrant beauty in his works. amazing. i agree with what frazell wrote that palmer’s works are full of energy and quite playful.


  8. Thanks for the link. I really like his city and landscapes also. Makes me want to unpack the canvases right away.

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