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paul bremer painting

I’m starting to think that the conscience of those who blew the shit out of the country of Iraq might be keeping them awake at night. George W Bush has taken to painting and so has the man dubbed the American dictator of Iraq, Paul Bremer. He was head of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq for about a year and was involved in a whole bunch of controversial decisions which can be found online if you’re into that sort of thing.

I’m just wondering if Bush and Bremer have the same therapist and he or she suggested they both paint to quieten their inner demons. I know painting works well for me as therapy but I’m not responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, so I do wonder how it’s working out for B&B.

Some of Paul Bremer’s landscape paintings are really bad, but he only started painting in 2008. Some are great. I would hang a few of his paintings on my wall, even though I find the whole Iraq war repulsive and completely unjustified.

Utah School House

Paul Bremer – Utah School House, 2010. Nothing bad about this little beauty. I like the colors.

paul bremer landscapes

Paul Bremer – Colorado Fences, 2010. Completely harmless landscape painting.

paul bremer nude painting

Paul Bremer – Nude with Matisse Colors, 2009. His nudes are a bit dodgy.

bremer landscape painting

Paul Bremer – Windrush Farm, 2009. This painting is a beauty. I think he should focus more on the paint and less on what he is painting.

paul bremer art

Paul Bremer painting – Monet study – The Raven, 2009. Better than George W Bush’s toes in the bathtub?  ;-)

Too see more Paul Bremer paintings see his website here.

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