Pepper Spray Pig Awarded $38,000

fat pepper spraying pig

Remember pepper spray pig John Pike who casually sprayed peaceful protestors of the occupy movement like they were cockroaches? He has been awarded $38,000 in worker’s compensation. The poor dear has been suffering from depression and anxiety. It’s tough doing the dirty work of a psychopathic regime that only answers to banks and big business.. boo hoo.

Everyone had their fun with the image at the time. Pepper spray pig went viral in a big way..

pepper pig

Here’s pepper pig in Andrew Wyeth’s Christina’s world.

uc davis pepper spray

Pepper spraying cop interrupts a peaceful picnic in France!

Georges Seurat pepper pig

Georges Seurat’s Sunday afternoon has pepper pig in a spraying frenzy.

my pepper spray cop

I must have been bored at the time as I even put pepper spray pig John Pike on one of my old paintings ;-)

Here’s a video of the news on RT..

And people wonder why I’m angry at our current system. Sucks to have a conscience in a psychopathic world.

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  1. It must be hard work depressing that pepper spray can, traumatic too. The poor dear deserves every penny.

    Spotted anything interesting in the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition?

    • I havent been out to see much at all Ian. I’m on a budget of zero for the time being. Being a troublemaker doesn’t pay well.. as fun as it may be ;-)

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