Photo of Banksy

The BBC has published a photo that is believed to be the elusive graffiti artist Banksy.

I found it interesting that Banksy works in daylight, with an assistant and scaffolding (if this is a real photo of the artist). I found it more romantic thinking of the artist working alone, at night, and maybe using a ladder if he had to reach up a little higher.

grafitti artist banksy photo

This work is being done on a building in Tower Hamlets (UK), where the Council has made the decision to paint over Banksy works. In the BBC report, a Tower Hamlets council spokesman said “In this case, Banksy has sought permission from the owners of the privately-owned building for his latest work. We do however need to look at the issue of the yellow lines as we have a legal obligation to reinstate the bit of the double yellow lines which has been painted out.” BBC (the finished work can be seen on the BBC site.. it’s quite interesting)

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  1. Cor, strewth, Woopidoo. Bit late, mate. I posted this news 6 days ago:

    He’s got a cheek working in broad daylight, hasn’t he?

  2. Yeah I have been a bit slow lately. Life has been a little distracting.

    I wouldnt be much of a journalist, huh?

    I have a bunch of links and emails for news stories from weeks ago, which probably should be deleted more regularly.

    I liked the finished yellow flower though.. he has an imagination.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I visited Banksy’s site,his artworks are marvellous!It’s unbelivable what a man can imagine,but above all what lets me completely stuck is how urban walls ispire Bansky..they wouldn’t have the same effect on common people !What is a vain of Banksy?Those mice at the bottom of a monument on a bridge(I don’t remind which one)..he is certainly an artist but the sculptor was,too.

  4. I hardly think that Banksy would be out in the middle of the day in a suburban street if he didn’t want his identity to be revealed.

  5. this is obviously the workers of the town painting over his work, you can see the grey patches, and the bucket of paint is grey.


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