Photoshop Makeover

This guy must work for a celebrity gossip magazine or a fashion magazine. How to lose weight while still stuffing your face with junk food. Pity it wasn’t that easy in real life ;-)

It’s a good example of how powerful Adobe Photoshop can be. Celebrities would look like normal people without this software.

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  1. That’s a great joke. Least it would be if I had a PC capable of loading more than 1 frame per minute! Still, I saw the start and the end and could fill the gap with my imagination.

    It reminds me of a professional I spoke to about 20 years ago. He’d just spent the morning removing all the pimples from a close-up of Selina Scott’s face for the cover of Radio Times Magazine (she was the glamorous anchor lady for a breakfast TV show). He wasn’t using add-on software. He had a dedicated graphics computer which cost a fortune. I wonder how it would compare with today’s Photoshop.

  2. Sounds like youre missing out on a lot Ian! Being the dedicated reporter that you are, you should have the fastest PC and internet connection available ;-)

    I would hate to go back to my old pc and dial up connection now. They make such a difference.

    And yeah, the good thing about PCs and the software available now is that anyone can use the same tools as a professional.

    I wouldnt call myself expert at using Photoshop, but I know enough to know that it’s magic!

  3. That was fascinating. Every woman should see that.

  4. That’s what my bf does for a living. It’s amazing. But he’s not as quick as this guy, he’s fast!

  5. What do I learn watching this video?
    That real Beauty is a sequence of 0 and 1!

  6. Wow, I watched that from start to finish. I knew photoshop had the power to do some touchups, but if it was me doing that, it’d take hours on end… lol


  7. Hey I have seen a couple of these before… its interesting!
    Anyway I kind of paint like that, but with oils , I distort, add etc… its an unrealistic fantasy world! No one looks like that in reality but satisfy our inner desires to be like that!

  8. Yeah thats what I love about oils Angela; the building up and changes along the way.

    Remember to include the http:// in your web page address too, otherwise it will look like this

    which will come up as an error when clicked on.

  9. I know magazines etc use photoshop to flatter celebrities, but you don’t realise the extent of it, or quite how much you can do with photoshop until you see things like this.

    I saw one of these before, but it wasn’t quite as good an example as this one!

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