Piero Manzoni’s Shit and all things Poop

Over at the Artopia blog is an interesting post on shit. I don’t know why it’s interesting to me and I probably should stop mentioning shit on this blog before I develop some kind of shit fetish. I just thought I should point it out as John Perreault has obviously spent some time thinking about the topic.

artists shit in a can

He focuses on the shit of Piero Manzoni, the Italian artist that is best remembered for his canned artist shit, but also mentions the shit of a few other artists like Andres Serrano and Paul McCarthy.

To be honest, I only know of Piero Manzoni because of his canned shit, but according to the post over at Artopia, the artist produced more work..

1. All-white paintings initially made of clay-soaked canvas.
2. Balloons containing the artist’s breath.
3. Living sculptures signed by the artist.
4. Pedestals for “living sculptures” — and one for the earth itself.
5. Very long lines inscribed on scrolls and sealed in tubes.
6. Most notorious and victorious, his very own canned shit.

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  1. great, one of the Generals of modern art, gleefully (yet unwittingly?) directing the following troops into the cul-de-sac of creativity, paving the way for the mediocrity and punchline art that are now so ubiquitous.

  2. Great link, an excellent read and gave me a better insight into why shit in a can. I wonder if this is what joaquin Pheonix is going through, this contemptuous rage at the mediocrity and norms of expectation?

    Boy manzoni died young though :(

  3. Oh Yeah didn’t I tell you alll that I have my shit in seal-a-meal bags and I spent a day “canning” my shit into Mason jars sealed just for you all. Who want’s to buy it, better yet display it in a Museum or gallery? I swear it is interesting because it comes from ME. I’m also questioning mediocrity and the banality of life….Oh please.

  4. gooberita, your too late, been done, and we are all pooped out ;)

    You want some of my knitted poos, I swear they are interesting, really, honest! They come chocolate scented, lavender or I can even arrange poo scented.

  5. some people are always going to call your work shit so you might as well beat them to it!

  6. unreceivedogma says:

    I think Pasolini had the last word on this topic.


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