Pig Art or Pigasso Paintings

Coxsoft Art has pointed out some hot new art talent in the United Kingdom. The artists reside at the Pennywell Farm in Buckfastleigh and are working to raise money for the Farm Crisis Network charity. Child prodigies must be looking over their shoulders now as these pigs could be serious competition.

pig artists

“Trotters Independent Painters began their career by accident when the piglets broke loose at a craft fair at their home, and began investigating tins of non-toxic paint with their snouts and trotters.” Daily Mail

And their finished work looks like this..

pig art painting

I think they would sell more posters of the little pigs than the finished paintings by them, as they are little cuties. Coxsoft Art thinks the British artists Gilbert and George might be starting to worry about the new competition. I think if cuteness has anything to do with it, G&G have no chance.

Find more at Coxsoft Art or check out Pennywell Farm and the Farm Crisis Network charity.

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  1. I LOVE it, oink!

  2. Anonymous says:

    The photo makes me question my taste for bacon.

  3. I just had a BLT…

  4. I had to look that one up Helly. (BLT = Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwich).


  5. You’re absolutely right. I’m sure the piglet photos would sell better than their art. And G & G have no chance of breaking into the cutie market.
    Don’t worry too much about the bacon. These are miniature pigs, and I don’t think they end up on the dinner plate. I might be wrong….

  6. Anonymous says:

    They don’t look like miniature pigs, they look like baby meat pigs. They start out very tiny and can grow to weight a thousand pounds. Most are killed at around 5 months of age, though.

    They are so sweet and intelligent.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Mmm that link should be pigs

  8. Makes you wonder about the value of artists like Pollock!!

  9. I think they may be the cutest animals on earth. Look how small they are. I want to take one home with me. They’re better at art than me!

    That’s it, I’m going veggie.

  10. Anonymous says:

    how do we get in contact with these people?

  11. Click on the “Pennywell Farm” link in the post anon. It will take you to the farm where the pigs are.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Can you buy them, i have been wanting to adopt a pig for years. Now i think i have found the ones that i want.

  13. hahahaha @ hellyuk

  14. Anonymous says:

    they are so cute i love pigs they are my favourite animal

  15. Awwww!!! Pigs are awesome! Did you know that pigs wag their tails when they are happy?!?! Let them create not be food!

    GO VEGAN!!!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    If we would like to buy a painting to support FCN, where can we get in contact with them? im having issues finding it on their site.

  17. Try contacting them at Pennywell Farm Anon..


    I’m sure they can help you out.


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