Pizza Hut Box Design Competition

Sticking with the multinational company art competition theme, Pizza Hut has a global design competition where you can design your own pizza box. For the next six months there will be a monthly prize of $1,000 and at the end of the competition the overall winner will have their design printed on a Pizza Hut box.

pizza hut art competition

I struggled to find any entrants online at their website here that were worth posting, which has to be a good thing for those that are thinking about submitting an entry.

Update: Corrine of Jafabrit’s Art submitted her entry here. It’s an open mouth about to chomp on something, which is appropriate for a pizza box.

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  1. thanks for sharing :) So I thought I don’t have anything to lose so why not give it a go. I posted the entry link on my blog.

  2. Hi,

    Well, I never thought that I might design a pizza box.
    Maybe I’ll give it a try.
    Andy did the soup, I’ll do the pizza :-)

    Kind regards,


  3. Yeah, who’s in a position to refuse $1000? I wouldnt spend too much time on the entry, but I also wouldnt have a problem submitting one.. if I had a bit more spare time.

  4. I might check it out too – but I have my pride to lose – can’t let the Jaffa take all the glory.

  5. Oh so many of Jaf’s paintings would work on that box! I say, by pass the contest and submit straight to Pizza Hut headquarters!

  6. Interesting piece of marketing involved there.I actually like it.
    Although am not so sure if I would notice the artwork, whilst bz wolfing down the pizzas

  7. you guys are funny lol! I think pollocksthebollocks submitted a really nice abstract.

    David you canna be a jafa and have pride ;)

  8. A California Pizza Kitchen recently opened in the neighborhood. They have these cool framed painted pizza boxes on display. Trying to find out how to get one.


  9. interesting, I might do it

  10. I entered and won for June, I am still waiting for the check and the site doesn’t seem to work anymore.


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