Plinth Mistaken for Sculpture

I’ve heard of art being mistaken for rubbish and thrown away, but a plinth being mistaken for a piece of scuplture is new to me.
The Royal Academy thought that the artist David Hensel submitted two works to show, but it was actually a head and a plinth. They preferred the plinth, and have put it on display, while the sculpted head was left out.

Royal Academy’s preference for plinth over sculpture leaves artist baffled
“On a trip to see his work in situ, he came across the slate slab and the tiny piece of wood that supported the sculpture, but the macabre countenance was nowhere to be seen. That, the Royal Academy said, was because the artist had submitted the two components separately and the judges had simply preferred the plinth to the head.” Guardian
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  1. At least with the rubbish art story it was the cleaners that made the mistake.
    With this plinth incident the people should have known better. Im sure the artist had a good laugh about it, or cry about it, depending on whether he had a sense of humor or not.

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