Portraits of London – Alexander Selivanov

The Russian born artist Alexander Selivanov will be exhibiting at the Rainbird art gallery in London from the 1st of February. The exhibition is called “Portraits of London” and is also showing works by Sophie Ahmad and Tom Young.

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Art News Blog is usually not an exhibition announcement service but I really liked the paintings by Alexander Selivanov. Especially this one, this one, and this one. I like paintings that don’t have to rely on a pleasant subject to make them a good painting. Paintings that make us see the everyday things that we don’t notice, and makes them beautiful.. or at least interesting.

Here’s the press release from the Rainbird gallery..
“Seen through this Russian born painter’s eye, these paintings
depict the hidden and unnoticed details of London’s
back street architecture. The veins and arteries of the City,
captured in this artist’s classical manner of painting
have an atmospheric, magical realism.”
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  1. I like “this one” nr.two :)

  2. I love number three, but all of them interests me. I love the saturation and the play between orange and blue.

  3. Wow, those are some great paintings. The colors in them are just fantastic.

  4. i like it yes…very nice…no actually no..i’ve changed my mind…plagiaristic….derivative..bad news….and palette..they should confiscate his passport!!

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