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Over at the MadSilence blog there’s a post about using Post It notes as a medium. There’s a Post It note covered apartment (pictured to the left), a Post It note covered car, a flaming phoenix, and the Ray Charles portrait that I mentioned last year.

I do like Post it notes but my desk is so disorganized I can never find them, so I usually use the piece of paper closest to me to write my message down.

post it notes art

As a medium to create art, it probably benefits 3M (the company that makes Post-it notes) more than the artist. Post it notes don’t stick to things for very long and I don’t think the paper was designed to last. I do love mosaics though and a post-it note covered apartment makes me smile, so I’m not complaining.

There’s more Post-it note madness over at MadSilence.

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  1. This sounds like a gimmick by 3m for some cheap publicity. For some really interesting art you could look at one of my favourite artists websites at There is a spooky picure of a chap on a Hobby Horse and a very gentle one of a person with a very small white Horse. They usually give me good dreams when I look at this work. Post It notes just give me a headache – I don’t even like the way they smell. You can’t beat the back of an old envelope and a blob of chewing gum when you want a reminder that stays posted!

  2. Donald frazell says:

    Doesnt look to practical(when did that ever stop an artist? Or comfortable. If i laid down to take a nap I would be sending scores of notes flying with every snore. Plus have notes stuck all over my face when I woke up. Glad they didnt use thumbtacks.

  3. Measure the publicity in inches Earl, as Andy Warhol would say. Doesn’t matter what they say, as long as they say it regularly. So it’s measurable publicity from 3M, rather than just cheap publicity.

    Art and practicality were never good bedfellows Donald. My snoring is an issue too though.. my ex certainly didn’t appreciate it. Would be nice if I could use it as some kind of art.

  4. It is a bit gimmicky, but I actually like gimmicky things. Sometimes they can start a train of thought to a less gimmicky idea.

    Re snoring: breathe right strips?

  5. Yeah, that’s true Helly. I often find myself looking at ideas or topics just because of gimmicky things.

    I wouldnt use post it notes to create something, but I would consider using good quality coloured paper to create some kind of paper mosaic.

  6. These are quite gimmicky, but I like them:

    Makes me think of the Hirst post.

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