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If you want to increase the chances of your art news, exhibition announcement or amazing products being posted on Art News Blog you have to first understand that I live in a world where the days are only 24 hours long. In that 24 hours I also have to find time to brush my teeth, put clean clothes on, and browse cat pictures on the Internet, so I’m always looking for ways to do things more efficiently. If something is really hard to do I’ll generally leave it for later, which really means never ever. Here’s some ways to make things easier for me..

  1. Pictures – Firstly, I like pictures. I like them more than words. I’m a visual kinda person. This is a visual arts blog. Some posts might be about ideas and I won’t care so much about pictures, but most posts will have about 5 pictures on them. Don’t make me jump through hoops to get access to images, just give them to me. I would prefer a link to a gallery of images where I can choose what to use, but would also be fine with a few pictures attached to your email. The images I post are generally 600 pixels wide so anything bigger than that is good. I don’t mind making a big picture smaller but I can’t make a small picture bigger! The smaller they get the less likely I am to bother posting them. If you’re that concerned with what could happen to your images online you shouldn’t be posting them online. Big copyright notices all over the image is a turn off too.
  2. Words – I’m forced to use words as most readers of Art News Blog are really bad mind readers. So, the more you can help me help them understand what the pictures are all about, the better for everyone. What’s the exhibition about? Why’s the news important? What about a few quotes by the artist? Do you want your whole essay published? Why should I link to your website? Why will art lovers want your product?
  3. Where and When – What’s the address of the exhibition? The website of the gallery or artist. The dates and/or the times. Where can people find more information? Sounds obvious, huh? Oh, also, what country is the artist from?

The most important thing is to get the pictures right. Bribes and freebies will also dramatically increase the chances of having your news posted. Bars of gold, signed Picasso prints, and used Ferraris are all perfectly acceptable bribes ;-)

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