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Art Review has released their annual list of 100 powerful artworld leaders. This is the seventh year the magazine has published the Power 100 list.

Damien Hirst and his marketing/manufacturing company have reclaimed the number one position on the ArtReview list after a very successful year.

01. Science (Damien Hirst)
02. Larry Gagosian
03. Kathy Halbreich
04. Sir Nicholas Serota
05. Iwan Wirth
06. Jay Jopling
07. David Zwirner
08. François Pinault
09. Jasper Johns
10. Eli Broad
11. Jeff Koons
12. Steven A. Cohen
13. Daniel Birnbaum
14. Charles Saatchi
15. Brett Gorvy & Amy Cappellazzo
16. Tobias Meyer & Cheyenne Westphal
17. Marian Goodman
18. Gerhard Richter
19. Richard Prince
20. Dominique Lévy & Robert Mnuchin

See the full list at the ArtReview website here.

Other notable artists on the list include Takashi Murakami (28), Richard Serra (33), Bruce Nauman (45), Cy Twombly (46), Ai Weiwei (47), Peter Doig (53), Marlene Dumas (56), Banksy (63), Lucian Freud (66) and Thomas Kinkade finishing off the list in 100th position.
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  1. I’m kinda surprised that Kinkade made the list…but I guess they have a point.

  2. Yeah… I was shocked about Kinkade being listed as well. I suppose the jolly drunk does deserve some credit for the financial empire he has built.

  3. He knows how to sell, so if the list was just to do with money, I would expect he would be much higher on the list.

    Each of the following qualities get a 25% weighting..

    1. Genuine influence over the production of art

    2. Influence on an international scale (I doubt many people outside of the US know who Thomas Kinkade is)

    3. Financial clout

    4. Activity within the last 12 months

  4. You go Damien ! Number 1 …:-)

  5. I’m not very surprised that Kinkade made the list. He is definitely good at what he does even if it is just, shall we say, insipid. (It is fun to imagine what is going on in those houses though ;P) What does surprise me is the lack of women on that list. Is it because the artworld is an old boy’s club? Could it be that female artists aren’t as good at marketing themselves?

  6. “powerful artworld leaders” hmmm, it would be interesting to compare your own list ANB.

  7. Donald Frazell says:

    I saw three Kincaid galeries in central Californias wine area this last week. He is everywhere, and a calming source of wallpaper for those who want to relax, and not think. Or feel, just calm passionless sleep through life.

    While Matisse wanted to create calming works for bigtime business men, to calm the mind, but keep it active and alert, tied to life always. By revealing truth and the structure of life. You can count on Kincaid not feeding those needs, but he has his mass audience, that has been proven.

    ACDE, as unfortunately he went to a really decent art school, Art Center and School of Design, a practical applied arts school here in Pasadena. Lots of car design, and commercial photography. He certainly learned the business end, and like in rock and roll, having bad technique is often thought of as revealing passion. True passion takes technique as far as possible so one can loose oneself through art, not exalt the individual.

    And so he has done. And profited. Art is NOT for the masses, but for those from all classes and groups who grasp onto lifes true importance. And Gods Purpose.

    Art Colegia Delenda Est

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