Prisoner Executed and Fed to Fish

I couldn’t work out if I found this story funny, revolting, or just insane.. it’s probably a little of all three.

Chilean born Danish shock artist Marco Evaristti has made a deal with death row inmate Gene Hathorn to be fed to fish after his death.

Evaristti told the Art Newspaper that “My aim is to first deep freeze Gene’s body and then make fish food out of it. Visitors to my exhibition will be able to feed goldfish with it.”

The 47 year old Gene Hathorn is on death row in Livingston, Texas, USA after being convicted of killing his father, step-mother, and step-brother.

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  1. Donald Frazell says:

    Ever see the movie Rollerball. No, not the terrible remake, the original with James Caan. It has come to pass. Not exactly like that, but life has no meaning to the elites. And clung onto in twisted ways by the religious right. While life goes astray. The masses have become numb to death, while completely fixated on their own immortality. God help us.

  2. Yet another example of wacky or just plain sad and stupid.

    This is in NO WAY art.

    What a bunch of BS.

  3. yak!

  4. I know the last two posts have elicited a minimal response, but really this is YAK!

  5. lol.. from YUK to YAK Corrine! Your 3 letter words speak volumes ;-)

    Havent seen Rollerball Donald. I agree that we do have issues with death though.

    The trick is to live like you’ll die tomorrow and you’ll probably end up getting a nickname like “smiley” because you’ll be really appreciating each day.

    Some of the happiest, most genuine people I have met have dealt with death a lot in their lives.. which really says something.

  6. Donald Frazell says:

    What if goldfish dont like freeze dried human? would his remains expand and float around, creatinga health hazard? And just gross? Isnt it canabalism second hand? Would the artiste clean the tank, and perhaps take a nibble? Would he go to jail? Hell? Insane asylum?

  7. I read elsewhere about the having people eat the fish afterwards bit. Who would do that? Mark McGowan might, but I don’t know if he would have the stomach for it either. That part is more ‘out there’ than the rest.

    Glad you posted this. I’m looking more into the guy. I remember the fuss over Helena. If I can’t land an interview I will at least write an article about this and give my thoughts. The inmate killed his step-brother, step-mother, and father. I don’t think serving him up to goldfish and then serving those goldfish to people will make people forget that.

    I understand what he is exploring theme-wise, but I don’t really understand why live fish in a blender or fish chowing on remains in a tank is the only option he can think of other than nabbing press easy. He done it twice before with the blender installation. Anyone else notice a formula?

    If you want press the easy way it seems you have to kill something in the name of art, use body fluid in the name of art, or use over a million bucks in materials in the name of art. OR make up something involving one of these– or a combination– and have people sign online petitions against it.

  8. Perhaps he could leave the gentleman in a single piece, attach a small motor, and have him just sort of swim around with those fish, Godfather-style.

  9. after reading more about gene hathorn, you have to feel bad for the guy. his mother abandoned him, leaving him with a sadistic father who abused him his whole life.

  10. I think piranhas would do a better job and he wouldn’t need to be flaked..

  11. Shock art.. I wait for it’s demise more eagerly than I hope for the end to global oppression. Tis a bit late to be riding that wave. Oooh.. I know, I’ll behead puppies while dancing naked through the street near a playground. The corpse of humanity cannot be re-awakened with defibrillator art. Just one more way to make us yawn in the face of horror.

    Merchants of hell are we.. indistinguishable from those wish wish to decry. How can we show the world what it has become when we just blend into the horror itself?

  12. Helly.. piranhas sure would put on more of a show than goldfish.

    It would quickly take the show from a “General” rating to a “Mature” rating.

    Anonymous, I agree that shock art can become a little tiring, but I think it’s here to stay for a while yet, so we may as well look entertained. Do a little shock art yourself.. cut them puppy heads off.. who knows, you might even like

  13. Donald Frazell says:

    You ARE a baaaaad boy arent you? Damn, thought I was mean becaue I want to shoot that damn squirrel making noise out back. Stuff it and frame it? Call it The Plague #327?
    Off to dinner and home, have a productive day.

  14. Don’t blame me Donald. It was Helly’s idea to have piranhas eat the prisoner. And Anon suggested the puppy beheadings.

    My ideas are much tamer than theirs.

    And you should feel guilty if you shoot the poor squirrel :-P

  15. I just think the piranhas would get more out of it than tame little goldfish.

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