Promoting Your Art While Driving

Here’s an interesting way of promoting your art. Barbara Rush has spent a measly $79.55 on putting this ad on the tire cover of her car. It’s an image of her work with her website address clearly visible.

I think it looks really smart. It wouldn’t work this well with every image or every car, but it’s something for artists to think about.

promote your art while driving

She got the idea while doing a “Promote Your Art with Confidence” course with Alyson B. Stanfield of

I have also seen chrome or gold badges that can be made of your website Url, but I couldn’t find their website.

Has anyone else used their car as a marketing tool? Here’s the website of Barbara Rush.

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  1. Funny you should ask that,
    I went to an ‘art car boot fair’ event at the weekend. Various artists were commissioned to customise Vauxhall cars, you can see some of the cars by clicking on the artist’s faces here:

    There’s also an article commenting on art marketing and the boot fair here:

    Gavin Turk took the boot fair theme very literally and was selling car boot doors signed by him.

  2. I like that, it’s nicely done. Had fun looking at helly’s links thanks :)

  3. A portugeuse commenting guy has twice contacted me through the blog. He wants to put my blog pages on T-shirts. I have no idea whats it’s about, cos Babel fish doesn’t do a accurate translation to English. I assume it’s a form of spam? Check it out >

  4. Anonymous says:

    Oh, there are so many ways of an excellent branding in art. Some of them are really funny: for example, you are an artist but cannot figure out how to get popular. Well.. join a political party, be elected, get popular, give interviews on television and voila! you are already famous.. as a politician though. Next step is just to reveal you secret talent and you sell your works for a big money.. :)) This is an example from a real life.. a funny example but probably worth trying. Or.. maybe.. if you are an artist.. you should start writing regular columns for newpapers, have a blog, get trafiic.. and voila! Another way of promotion. I reckon that people (artists) mostly see only few options: through a gallery.. private sellers. .website (which is higly essential in fact).. But maybe it is worth trying to fool a conventional perception.

  5. This artwork certainly forms an eye-catching logo, enhanced by the neutral grey of the gas guzzler (sales of these cars are plummeting in London since new tax laws against them were introduced). Not only is this ad eye-catching, but also it conveys the impression that Barbara is an artist who knows exactly what she’s doing. So it’s a very effective ad too.

    It reminds me of that fashion for customizing cars in the USA. Some beautiful car body art was produced, the entire body shell covered in landscapes, seascapes, whatever. Photos of this art used to appear in car magazines. I’ve long since given up reading car mags, so I don’t know if this fashion still prevails. Might be worth doing a Google on this.

    Reply to David.
    The world is full of small firms (often one-man bands) that will put your art on T-shirts, coffee mugs, pens etc for a price. The big question is whether you want to stand on street corners peddling a gross of T-shirts? Having smart business cards printed is probably a safer bet.

  6. I personally have not done that but I do think this is a wonderful way to promote your art. I have a friend who made original pieces of art and put them on his car. People would often steal them though. I don’t think that putting ORIGINAL ART on your car is a wonderful idea. This is a great idea though, seeing as how it’s not an original piece of art. Yet, it advertises well.
    Wonderful post!
    I love it!

  7. If I put one of my screaming mouth paintings on the car somehow I don’t think the reaction would be “wow, cool art, must go to her website”. More like, “i know how you feel” ;)

  8. well if I want to count the chick magnet’s bumper stickers yeah it’s a piece of something heehee!

  9. Anonymous says:

    If you really want your car to show your artistic ability, then make an ART CAR!!! Turn you ENTIRE VEHICLE into a work of your personal art. Your life will never be the same.


  10. A great idea that works for me!!

    I bought a 1960 Ford Prefect and put my artists signature, logo and website on the front car doors.

    As it is a unique car, I get lots of promotion and people will come to my gallery, ofen to talk about my car.


  11. Interesting idea. Wonder if putting a piece of art or a gallery logo on big SUV might turn some people off…maybe just a license plate.


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