Raphael The Woman with a Veil

This is for those that think I don’t mention “good art” enough. I’m assuming good art means old art that looks like something and bad art is all the “contemporary crap” on Art News Blog. Personally I favor expressive painting but I really do love most forms of art from most movements.

For example, how could you not like this little beauty below?
Raphael Woman in a Veil
It’s Raphael’s The Woman with a Veil painting (la velata or la donna velata) from 1516. It will be showing at the Portland Art Museum this October 24 through to January. The painting will be on loan from the Medici collection of the Palatine Gallery, Palazzo Pitti, Florence, Italy and was made possible by the Foundation for Italian Art and Culture.

Marilyn H. and Dr. Robert B. Pamplin, Jr. director Brian Ferriso said “This is truly a major highlight in the Museum’s more than 115-year history. It is a significant coup for our institution, city, and region, and an extraordinary opportunity for the public to see, experience, and learn from a painting that captures fully the ideals of the High Renaissance. Given its historical and cultural significance, this masterpiece has rarely left Italy. Unless you travel to Florence, you would not have the opportunity to view this masterwork..”

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  1. jeonggon sim says:

    i just stored this picture as a background picture of window. six elegant women is looking at me now.

  2. The folds of the blouse are incredible, I bet those and the colors are what grabbed your eye. Creative art can be created from anythng and of anything. Projects protraits, and commissions of all sorts can bring out ones creativity, ones passion to exprese through whatever medium one chooses. One does not have to put meaning in the subject, thats literary, but find poetical revelations of our world and passion thorugh the most mundane things, as well as melodramatic.

    Too bad its not coming to LA. dont have much renaisance art worth a damn here. Most got locked up in insitutions long ago. Even the Getty seldom gets great examples, most antiquity and of immediate premodern works.

    Instead we get art grovelings of artistes attmepting to cattle call onto Bravos upcoimg gay as hell artsite series. Some chef called pixiebel fo something equlali absurd and Sarah Jessica Parker, fag hag she is, to host. Fashion and creative art do not mix, one is of the temporarl, as temporary and dated as one can get, the other fundamental and eternal. Fashion destroys art. And so we have.

    art collegia delenda est

  3. Concerning your “good art” comment. What, in my opinion is good art, is that art has no boundries, so, it lives! Imagine if it were all “good”. That would be “not so good”.

  4. oh drooooooooooooool! this is gorgeous and how wonderful to be able to see it in the real and examine those blouse folds. Yes I agree they are incredible.

    Take heart Donald, fashion can’t really kill work like this. The fact it is coming here and will be oogled and aahed at means work like this is still very much appreciated and loved.

  5. Yes this is Good Art. At last you appear to be getting it. A painting like this is good art, a pile of dog crap is just a pile of dog crap even if Damien or Tracy tell us otherwise. Keep up the good work and we will all look forward to your next offering of Good Art …. (but please not bloody Banksy…. that not Good Art… that just scribble).

  6. Anonymous says:

    Excellent! The PAM is just four blocks from my apartment. Can’t wait!

  7. How about roadkill Earl? Armadillo, maybe. How about the glistening entrails as they pour forth their life giving juices, captured in paint? On film? As a nice comfy stuffed toy?

    Art can be made from and of anything, Purpose is everything. And getting rid of nasty noisy squirrels is mine. In a nice Brunswick stew I hear they are quite tasty.

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