Really Old Nudes – Centenarians

100 year old nudes

The Centenarians series by the American photographer Anastasia Pottinger is a look at the human body after more than 100 years of usage. They’re close up details of aging bodies in black and white, with the subjects remaining anonymous. They could be your grandmother, your grandfather, or you yourself after a few more trips around the sun.

Here’s a few old nude photographs from the ongoing Centenarians series..

b&W nudesThey remind me of graceful old trees.

old feetI wonder how many steps these feet have taken?

100 year old breasts100+ year old breasts. They could be rock formations by the water. They’re fascinating images.

old nudesBack view of a female nude.

old rear endOne hundred year old bum ;-)

Find out more about the photography of Anastasia Pottinger at her website here. She’s also looking for new models for the series, so if you’re one hundred years old or above and feel like getting naked in front of the camera, contact the photographer.

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