Red Bull Art of Can Competition

Here’s an art competition for those hard working artists that use Red Bull to keep them going in the studio; it’s the Red Bull Art of Can competition. It’s not for everyone, but for the artists that drink their product (I have personally never tasted it) and those that don’t mind mixing with the corporate world, it could be good.

Red Bull Art COmpetition

“The annual Red Bull Art of Can contest and exhibition challenges laypersons to professional artists to create a piece of original artwork that is inspired by or made from recycled Red Bull cans. No limits are placed on the artists, and their only guideline is that each creation evokes the spirit of Red Bull or utilizes the can in some way.”

265 artists submitted Red Bull works of art to the Red Bull Art of Can in Philadelphia. They will be on display at the Fuel Collection from the 20th of October. There’s more information on entering the Red Bull Art of Can competition at their website here.
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  1. hmmmm, looks like a good opportunity for artists albeit a slightly strange opportunity. Good initiative from Red Bull though!!

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