Rent a Saatchi

The advertising man and art collector Charles Saatchi is renting out a selection of 600 works from his collection. Works by contemporary artists like the Chapman Brothers, Chris Ofili, Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, Stella Vine, Tom Hunter, Gary Hume, and Gavin Turk are among the rentals.

Charles Saatchi rents out his art
An accompanying brochure sets out the charges. These range from £7,000 a year for five works to £20,000 for 20 works. Loans are also offered as part of sponsorship packages—20 works for an Exhibition Sponsor (£100,000), ten for Corporate Patrons (£20,000) and one for Corporate Associates (£5,000). ArtNewspaper

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  1. I just visited an exhibition of recent paintings by Nicola Slattery at the RONA Gallery in Mayfair, London. If Saatchi had any of these in his collection I’d be delighted to rent them out. But sadly the man has little taste for fine art. I hope others learn to recognise the difference between shock art and art that works on an entirely different level. I’ve added the RONA’s web site so you can see what I,m on about. Slattery also has a web site – see Falling Fish and The Trickster – great paintings in my humble opinion.

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