Roadkill Toys

My warped sense of humor makes me think these plush toys would be great gifts for kids or PETA members. I’m an animal lover and I try to limit my meat consumption, but I also like to have a laugh. Life really isn’t as serious as some of us make it out to be.

The road kill toys come with their own plastic bodybag, and some have an “I Love RoadKill” bumper sticker, death certificates and toe tags.

road kill plush toys
Twitch (Raccoon) Plush Toy

roadkill plush toys
Grind (Rabbit) Plush Toy

morbid plush toys
Splodge (Hedgehog) Plush Toy

If there was a koala or kangaroo road kill toy available I might consider buying one. The dead animals above can be bought for £25.00 from a British company here.

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  1. They would go with the knit poo’s nicely. if only they had a squirrel one.

    You are a bad boy. Good, its the too nice and quiet ones you gotta worry about, they usualy become Republican Senators. Thye have a great track record these days, becoming an endangered species.

    A Newt Gingrich roadkill doll?

  2. I mentioned the knitted poo on the new Knitted Dead Animals post Donald.

    I’m heading to your neck of the woods in October too. Will be a short trip with a couple people to los angeles, las vegas, then on to new york city. I’m thinking I will stay on in NYC by myself though. Theyre only staying for a week or so in nyc and arent interested in art. I might have to pack my warm socks though.

  3. October is the perfect time. The hot and humid summer is over, the big art shows are going on. People are back in town and things are moving. MoMA is a must with the Met. Guggemheim depends, have an excellent collection, but also show some really stupid art school tripe. I cant stand the whitney or this New contempt museum. The Frick is a joy, lots of great Turners and Constables, and old school masters.

    Go to the Blue Note or especially teh Village Vanguard, the oldest existent and most famous jazz basement, but hear they are scaling back operations. Or Jazz at the Phil, they have a seperate room just for jazz under Wynton Marsalis direction, but have never been there. Central park is an art piece unto itself, so wander, but dont get lost near dark, had to deal with gang bangers there myself, moved em on when three had cornered a girl, then found them with their homies up by the boathouse, Stared em down, only bangers that ever worried me as much as westside gangstas were up in the Bronx, they were truly freaky.

    I got an idea for the penultimate American experience. My wedding anniverary is the 15th, and wil be gone through Sunday to our perfect cali area, San Luis Obispo halfway to Frisco and Morro Bay til Sunday. But a USC football game. Nothing more American than college football. college basketball in a bigtime arena is the ultiamte religous sports experience, but that doesnt start til mid November. Football is the ultimate American panorama, a pageant, an all day feast of symbolical American bonding, we dont care if others play the game, and dont want them to. Its ours. the ultimate war game, far better than chess. Real pieces in play.

    You can watch Traveler, a great white stallion with a fake Trojan warrior complete with steel sword prance the sideliens, the song girls, and of course, the men of troy at work. Always ranked top 5 in football, and bottom five in academics. Know too many kids there from Poly and Servite HSs, the smart ones go to UCLA, but just cant get it done in football, We rule the hardwood, where i know the point guard this year, he was my sons backup for years. Know the family and possibly could have gotten tickets, gotta call em sometime, been awhile

    my older boy leaves for Gitmo today, better than Afghanistan, and he can easily come back to visit some. I will show you the getty and other places you want to see, dont tell my wife:)

    When you coming?

  4. I prefer my guts falling out of roadkill with a pro animal message! Angela singers sculptures hit the mark so to speak


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