Robert Rauschenberg Dead at 82

The NY Times has just reported that the American artist Robert Rauschenberg has died at the age of 82. Rauschenberg passed away on Monday night in his home. Recently the artist was hospitalized with pneumonia.

Robert Rauschenberg Dies - Canyon PaintingHere’s a paragraph from the NY Times article.. “Building on the legacies of Marcel Duchamp, Kurt Schwitters, Joseph Cornell and others, he thereby helped to obscure the lines between painting and sculpture, painting and photography, photography and printmaking, sculpture and photography, sculpture and dance, sculpture and technology, technology and performance art — not to mention between art and life.”

The story that I mentioned on Art News Blog a couple of weeks ago about Robert Rauschenberg suing an artist seems so trivial after hearing this terrible news.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s so sad. RIP Robert Rauschenberg.

  2. That is sad.

  3. He had a good run and while it is a loss to the art world he has left a wonderful legacy. I always found his work to be challenging and interesting and still visually very appealing.

  4. Dear Robert Raushenberger,

    I hope all is fine with you up there. The crap hit the fan down here & every body still calls it art. Isn’t life a pisser Marcel Duchamp said after hanging his pissoir.

    Well, it’s only an aurevoir, never Adieu. See you later champ!

    Alex Nodopaka

  5. Nice to see he was still creating controversy and pushing the boundaries till the last. He’ll be sadly missed.


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