Saatchi’s Online Gallery Top Ten Artists

It looks like a lot of artists have created their own pages at the Saatchi Gallery website (more than 15,000), so along with the Guardian in the United Kingdom, ten of those artists have been selected to exhibit at the Guardian Newsroom.

The great thing about the internet is that you don’t have to prove yourself before you get to exhibit your work. Anyone with an internet connection can exhibit online.

“The same democratic revolution that is transforming journalism promises to transform art. The 10 artists who have made it out of Your Gallery into the Newsroom are a hugely varied and debatable bunch, but what they have in common is that none of them have so far been picked up by the art world.” Guardian

Here’s the list of Ten Artists that were selected..

  • Elena Bajo
  • Joshua Hagler
  • Lotta de Beus
  • Paul Taylor
  • Sarah Jeffries
  • Amy Stein
  • Robin Cracknell
  • Anthea Bush
  • Peter Root
  • Claire Morgan

For artists that haven’t added their profile, it’s pretty easy.. and free. Even if you have your own website and think you don’t need to be listed, you should. At the very least, you will have a new link pointing towards your website. Here’s my artist’s gallery.

One thing I really dislike about Saatchi’s “Your Gallery” is that there’s no order or categorization other than alphabetical. A to Z is fine if you have a couple hundred artists online, but with thousands it’s chaos. It should at least be categorized by medium.

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Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. I like your self portrait and ben, ben, ben.

    I thought for the most part the artists listed were okay. I do think you are right about the way artists are listed though. I have to wonder if the people who chose the top ten really sat and waded through every single artist on that site.

  2. Thanks Jafabrit. Ben, Ben, Ben is actually my brother in law and he wasnt too impressed with it :-O

    Perhaps I should have made him look a bit happier.

    And yeah, I doubt they looked through 15,000 artist profiles. It was probably more of a cross promotional thing for the Saatchi Gallery and the Guardian rather a serious look at judging art.


  3. I have a painting of george, george, george, actually I call it “good george, bad george and okay george” When I post the pic on my blog I will let you know. I love paintings in series (Francis Bacon comes to mind-love his work) and NO I really think the ben peice works as is. Making him have a happier face would take the edge off it for me.

  4. I have a page on Saatchi. I also have one at Art Dorks. Neither one has netted any response but, like you said, it is free and a possible link to our main site. Check my Saatchi site here:

    Enjoy the blog. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hi.
    Wanted to add a couple comments to this item – as I’ve been involved in it.

    I worked with Charles Saatchi and managed the launch of the Your Gallery applications back in May.

    Think the opportunity for artists to exhibit their work – instantly – on such a resource ( provides a great platform and opportunity for artists in their aim of becoming just a touch noticed. I am definitely assured that there will be some big stars which come out of YG as many (including Charles Saatchi himself) view the site.

    I have a site which I hope is of interest:

    Cheers, Darren

  6. Saatchi’s site is a joke. It was outdated from the start and is an utter laugh to view now considering the money that Charles Saatchi has. The sad thing is that silly hopeful art stars will put Saatchi Gallery after uploading some images on yourgallery. Showing on Saatchi’s website is a bit different than showing in his gallery. It screams novice when you place a fib like that on your resume. Stick with and They are a bit more serious.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Apparently the myARTspace site is taking on Saatchi. Observe,

    I’m actually surprised that the Saatchi site does not offer more considering the wealth that he has. Maybe Bill Gates will make an art site at some point. That would be interesting. HA!

  8. Depressing, uninspired and pretentious hogwash, it has to be said. And selected from over 15000? Cheap looking website too. Saatchi has now just become a brand name for regurgitation which may have been a novel idea in the mid nineties with all its Duchampian rip-off’s but now just seems pathetic.

  9. Who else is out there changing and moving the artworld? Charles Saatchi know’s what he’s doing, and you should all thank him.

  10. Anonymous says:

    FYI – it is IMPOSSIBLE to ever delete a profile on Saatchi, so venture there at your own risk. There’s no going back.

  11. how the fuck do i delete my profile

  12. Anonymous says:

    you can not delete your account at saatchi online. however: i fund that if you change your profilename to charles saatchi, and thereafter search for that name, it will only show the original charles saatchi profile. i believe that this is better than nothing..
    well, this option didnt please me. so i changed my profilename to ‘charles saatchi official’ and posted alot of porno grannies pics on it. now i believe the account soon will be deleted.
    takt that saatchi

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