Saatchi’s Triumph of Painting

Contemporary British art collector and gallery owner Charles Saatchi has cleared out his dead sharks, cow heads in glass, dirty beds, and anything of a conceptual nature, to replace them with good old fashioned paintings on canvas, hanging on walls, and sometimes with frames on them.

Painting lives at the new Saatchi Gallery!

For Saatchi, painting is the new taxidermy

“in carefully chosen statements over the past few months he has said that painting’s time has come again – on the Continent they appear to have discovered that several years ago – and that he has come to the conclusion the days of Turner Prize art are numbered.

“Nothing is as uplifting as standing before a great painting,” he unexpectedly thundered to The Art Newspaper recently.”

telegraph uk

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  1. As an artist and art lover myself I think I speak with some authority when i say that you mr Saatchi are a bloody hypocrite.

  2. This is a great way of giving the true art admirers a sigh of relief.

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