Sarah Palin Nude

I know that many visitors to Art News Blog like nudes and politics, so here it is in one post: Sarah Palin nude!

Chicago painter Bruce Elliott has come up with a novel way to get customers into his Old Town Ale House bar in Chicago with his nude Sarah Palin picture. The American vice president hopeful for the republican party is shown in a full frontal nude pose, standing on a polar bear skin rug, clinging to an automatic weapon, with a lucky moose still alive outside the window. The moose looks like it’s in a river, but I guess it could also be a pool of oil, so perhaps the moose is stuck and about to die?

naked sarah palin

Bruce Elliot told ArtDaily that the model for the nude Sarah Palin painting was his daughter. Elliot said that he finds Alaska Governor Sarah Palin “fascinating, even though I pretty much despise everything she stands for.”

I don’t live in the United States, so I probably shouldn’t have an opinion, but aren’t we sick of having a clown in the whitehouse yet? God help the world and the environment if Sarah Palin ever grabs hold of the whitehouse steering wheel. I know she would only be vice president, but that puts her a heart beat away from the number one job. That’s a veeeeery scary thought.. and I don’t scare easily!

Update: See another Sarah Palin nude by Pricasso.

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  1. An interesting subject matter…guess you could argue it’s a very iconic and transparent painting :)

    As an observer of your political news in the UK we have been blasted with images of Sarah Palin holding the trigger of what can only be described as ‘powerful weapons’. I’m sure your native artists are working on much more controversial material as I write this comment.

  2. OMG, LOL! Okay, I am a little gobsmacked err, well as a bar painting and novelty it seems to be working as intended ;)

  3. First — Welcome back after the web host problems. Been there done similar myself. Missed you.
    Ironically, the satiric Sarah Palin Nude painting that is reportedly hung in a Chicago bar reminds me that I am proud to be an American! In many other countries people would be arrested or “dissappear” for creating, owning or reporting on this work, if Sarah Palin was an important government official . Here, we merrily skewer our politicians. Whether one is for or against Palin in the election, it is a treasure to enjoy our freedom to paint, draw sculpt, etc., whatever we wish.
    Of course, maybe the face is not Palin’s at all. Maybe it’s Tina Fey?!

  4. “Bruce Elliot told ArtDaily that the model for the nude Sarah Palin painting was his daughter.”

    I find this to be a bit disturbing.

  5. DonaldFrazell says:

    Damn, one day your site is gone, the next day Brians is. Whats going on? Capital dry up? Have to get congress to pass this bill to keep artists online?

    And I agree the model is more likely Tina Fey, Palin is a little wider in the, er, hips. And not in a good way. Though she did alright last night, for an airhead. Biden didnt bite her head off so showed he is cool enough to be President. She just proved to not be a tard.

    But thats what the rust belt states like, people just as limited as them, so she probably stopped her slide in the polls in the states that will count. Ohio is key, where my wife is from originally, and cant stand how delusional and racist they are there. Self destructive voting for right wingers all the time, over personal issues like abortion. Damn nosey people. Of course, she should be spending some time working with her dysfunctional family. Is that an oxymoron for a Republican? And why they are popular.

    Who knows? Someday soon some right wing bar may have her nude standing over Biden as the rug. Holding a beer in one hand and a M16 in the other. God help us. And any tiny country that gets in McPalins way.

  6. I’m sorry, his daughter was the model? I’m a 25 year old daughter of a wonderful and supportive father, and I find that a really disturbing thought.

  7. Donald Frazell says:

    look at the drawing, more probable its off a truckers mudflap. A bad cartoon, or off of some porn cartoon site. My sons are all college athletes, and find it difficult to find good male models, but theh thought of using themis quite unnerving. Probably even more for them.

    But trucker mudflap art would be perfect for that redneck bar where she reigns victorious over biden adn Obama. Thats a nightmare, right? We will find out on the first Tuesday in November.

  8. Judy, thanks. Good to be back. You’re so right about the freedom of speech thing too. I have been to a place where it’s a crime to insult the prime minister. I thought they were joking when I was first told!

    Donald, I quickly read the start of your comment and I thought you said “one day your site is gone and the next day your brain is” lol

    Brian’s site is still having problems too. Maybe his site is hosted with!! I feel sorry for him if he does use them as theyre useless.

    Palin may have done alright in the debate, or at least didnt make any major mistakes, but could you see her as your president?

    Josephine & Robert, some people are really comfortable with nudity. It’s a very natural thing. And life drawing/painting is one of the most un-erotic things you can do. Once you start, it may aswell be a bowl of cherries sitting in front of you.

  9. I agree about the life drawing.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The painting doesn’t look accomplished enough to warrant using a model. His figurative skills are pretty naive and the landscape work is atrocious. It’s as if he couldn’t decide between a cartoon rendering or an attempt at realism.

  11. Yeah, I dont get why he needed a live model either. Tho I suppose if you have never seen something…. tho if he has a daughter, maybe he only does things in the dark.

  12. Hey Dion. I found out today from ArtFagCity that I was a Troll. Now, neanderthal, troglodyte, shit stirrer, I had heard. But Troll? At least that is tall, so closer to actuallity.

    So I should love this painting right? No, not trailer trash, so must go for the gold Kate Moss instead. ooooPreti

  13. Bar paintings are supposed to be crass, so for me, it works. It’s a crass painting that was made to attract attention, so it’s a success. Sure it’s ugly and awkward, but that’s not the point.

    Donald, that’s quite a collection of names youre accumulating. In such a short time too.. youre doing well. I think “shit stirrer” fits you best ;-)

  14. Anonymous says:

    So where did he get a moose to pose for him?

  15. We all sometimes must have to stand naked.

  16. Anonymous says:

    So, where is the nude painting of Biden?

  17. Biden isn’t a novelty anon. He is what is called a boring old politician who isn’t eye candy and talks about issues. How effing boring is that ;)

  18. If someone does paint Joe Biden nude I will post it.

    I can’t be seen as sexist or politically biased :-P

    Fair and balanced.. just like Fox news!

  19. I’m back up. Trying to catch up now.

  20. OK… this guy says that he has made Palin a sex figure and then mentions that his daughter is basically a look-alike of Palin. So is he saying that he views his kid as a sex object? Good example of why people should think before they speak!

  21. I have been in many life drawing classes through university and I realize that they are not sexually charged at all. That does not change my opinion that it would be really creepy to pose nude for my father.

  22. Welcome back Brian. It’s frustrating having a site down, especially if the host isnt interested in keeping customers.

    Josephine, to be honest, I wouldnt pose nude for my mother or father, but there are plenty of nudist families out there that wouldnt find it so weird. Nudism is natural, not weird or disturbing. It’s society and religion that have made us so uncomfortable with our own nudity.

  23. Why would they want to get rid of you if you are one the of most popular sites on their service? Isn’t that a good thing for them? Looks like a bad move on their part.

  24. Brian, I just meant the most popular site on my account (I had a few sites hosted with midphase). Art News Blog doesn’t get enough traffic to be suspended on any hosting company.

    I’m usually very patient with tech support people as I was one briefly, but Midphase tech support is just a joke. See my Midphase Hosting Review.

  25. Actually she looks more like a very disturbed individual’s fantasy of Peggy Hill.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Is the artist asserting that she’s a natural brunette?

    Obviously Sarah Palin is a blonde who darkens her hair.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Sarah thought she was so mighty with her Church by her side. They tried and

    tried. Even called upon the Almighty to lift her high. HE ROSE HER TO THE

    TOP AND SHOT HER DOWN WITH HER LIES….NO where to hide the truth except in

    her fellow drunken eyes. LOOSE WORDS WILL CONDEMN only those who speak them

    for revenge. SARAH, SARAH, so pretty with such an evil streak. YOU HAVE NO

    THOUGHTS OF YOUR OWN. Your party has no shame. WHEN IT COMES DOWN TO IT ALL.

    you will be the only one to BLAME…….I hope you find your way. Find it

    soon. Your children’s SAKE, will be doom to a life of ridicule. There still

    is hope for you. As long as you show your children who you are for real.

    Then explain how you messed it up . Start over with truth, Then maybe life

    will be full filled.

  28. Anonymous says:

    This is clearly an attempt to gain attention by pandering to all of us frustrated males who really want to see the MILF-GUV, the Palinator, naked.

    It’s such a crummy rendition, who needs it?

  29. Of course it’s an attempt to gain the attention of milf loving Americans with a liking for Alaskan politicians but it is “Sarah Palin nude” just as the title says, so it’s not misleading ;-)

  30. I am an artist, I have a daughter and I’ve taken figure drawing classes so I know when depicting the human form it translates to light, color and brushstrokes for the artist. But a naked body is never a bowl of cherries, otherwise it would be of no effect for this artist (or any other) to portray Palin nude. My earlier comment was made thinking not only of the father’s point of view (which I disagree with) but also of his grown daughter posing nude in front of him, I doubt she would consider herself a bowl of cherries.

  31. Anonymous says:

    She looks more like meg from king of the hill.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t have minded having THAT bush in the White House.

  33. The Bush is good anon, but it’s no reason to give a person that kind of power. I dont care how pretty the bush, she should not be in politics. Americans would devolve into a bunch of retards with Palin in control.

  34. PoliticalJunkie says:

    Sarah Palin isn’t going anywhere.

    Love her or hate her, the fact is she has impacted society in ways most politicians can only dream of and she didn’t have to drive drunk and kill a lover, cheat on her husband or be involved in the death or disappearance of anyone.

    For reasons most people can not comprehend Palin sticks with you. I mean take a look at the evidence, even old presidents don’t stir up the critique, discussion and commentary Palin does when they open their mouths. Regardless, if people agree or disagree with her they talk when she talks.

    Just yesterday I came across this post,… people are still intrigued, inspired and interested in what Palin, says,thinks, does, plans and even what she wears. The woman has political and societal power that is unprecedented.

    Whatever the outcome, where ever her career takes her, Palin is around for the long haul.


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