Scott Daniel Ellison Exhibition at ClampArt in New York

Scott Daniel Ellison paintings

The wonderfully quirky works of the painter Scott Daniel Ellison are showing at the ClampArt gallery in New York City. The paintings are weird, dark, mercurial, humorous, a little scary, and a lot awesome. I hadn’t heard of the artist before now, so I have been browsing the internet for his work and I’m a fan! Do click through to the gallery at the bottom of the post to see more works from the exhibition online.

Here’s some beauties from the ClampArt exhibition..

Scott Daniel Ellison painting of batScott Daniel Ellison – Bat

bird in a cageScott Daniel Ellison – Birdcage

Scott Daniel Ellison outsuder paintingScott Daniel Ellison – Tub

painting of a monkeyScott Daniel Ellison – Zoo

painting of weaselScott Daniel Ellison – Weasel

painting of circus performersScott Daniel Ellison – Circus

The Iowa, Ohio exhibition by Scott Daniel Ellison is on at the ClampArt gallery in New York until the 6th of September. See more information about the exhibition at the gallery website here.

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