Scream gallery improves security

After the daring daylight robbery by masked gunmen at the Munch Museum in Oslo, Norway, they’re upgrading their security at the museum. Among other things, they’re installing new surveillance alarms at the museum. The current system did work and police were at the museum within minutes, but robbers pointing guns at people is always going to be difficult to secure against. Art Thieves took the famous Scream painting and a Madonna painting by Munch.

“The art gallery where thieves stole The Scream last month is to upgrade its security in the wake of the raid.”


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  1. I heard about that on the radio when it happened but never saw any wider media coverage. Do you think its already on some criminals wall?


  1. [...] men and a woman were in police custody. There has been no connection found to the recent theft of Munch’s iconic Scream [...]

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