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Something I enjoy checking on the statistics page for Art News Blog is the search terms that people use to find the site. They’re not the top search terms.. but they do make me wonder..

I’m also surprised by the amount sex related search terms that pop up. For a (mostly) family friendly blog, I sure do get a lot of non-family friendly search terms. Here’s some of the more mild searches.

  • Britney Spears Naked” is a popular one.
  • Tree Drawings” – My guess is that they are looking for drawings of trees rather than by trees.
  • Beheading in Iraq Video” – I now understand why the media is filled with sex, death, scandals, and celebrities. We see so much in the media because so many people want to see it. Good news does not sell newspapers or attract audiences, it’s bad news (and/or sex) that sells.
  • “Edvard Monk”, “Edvart Monk”, “Edward Munch”, or even Edvard Munch”.
  • “Strange news of naked people” – That’s funny.
  • Kate Moss fully nude” – I probably should dedicate half of this blog to nudity.
  • “Emotional still life paintings” – With teapots crying perhaps?
  • Famous penises” – That’s funny too.
  • Damien Hirst cult” – Is anyone here a member?
  • “Procrastination as art” – I would be a master of it.
  • UAE sex blog” – It’s funny that the post they would have found was talking about no nudes in the UAE.
  • Shit blog” – I hope I don’t rank well for this search term!
  • birthday suits” – Makes me smile.

Here’s some search terms from last year too.

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  1. Oh that’s funny! :)) Thank you for sharing and your funny comments on them 2!

  2. shit blog, LOL!!!!!!!!
    I was found via a search for *tit hanging*. No, you dirty so and sos reading this, not boobies, birds. Birds with feathers and names like blue tit LOL!

  3. ha, that’s funny too Jafabrit.. “tit hanging”!
    I can’t even think what they would have been looking for. Hanging tits! that’s strange.

  4. Dion,

    This gives me some ideas for future posts. Or I should say, it reinforces some ideas . . .

  5. Not having a website, I cannot add any tit-illating search terms.
    However, remembering the Kate Moss photographs of Freuds portraits, my guess is that there is no way to make them look like the portrait looks when viewed live and up close. Of course, one never wants to see a normal sized Freud portrait up close. Based on my several visits to a recent NYC exhibition of his new works, including, of course, his typical male and female nudes, I would say that his moderate sized pictures only come into focus at about 10 to 15 feet. Anything much less than ten makes the figures appear scabrous. One can do more than 15 for a big enough picture..and yes, I know the old vaudeville routine in which the onlooker is sent back to the point at which he falls off the stage, but nevertheless, study his brush strokes, if you will, up close but from that perspective you will not be seeing the picture.
    By the way, at the exhibition they had some photographs of Freud at work, the book from which they come is useful in seeing the contrast between the model as seen by the camera and as seen in the Freud picture. Except for the exceptional occasion, and he made no exception for Queen Elizabeth, it would appear that he is not really the best of realistic artists in the world, his work would seem to me to partake as much of expressionistic as of realistic approaches.
    Well, anyway, that was a funny list and we will look forward to next year’s which

  6. well I had done a blog entry which I related the tattle tale ditty said in newcastle upon tyne.
    tellie tale tit, yer tongue’ll get bit, aaal the little dickie birds will come and ave a bit.

    There, next time someone does a search on tit hanging, this BLOG will come up LOL!

  7. Karl, does that mean there will be more sex and nudity over at Art and Perception? ;-)

    Irv, I probably like them up close more. I like that he doesnt hide the fact that they are paintings.

    His painting of the queen must be one of the ugliest versions I have seen, but I still think Freud is one of the greatest living painters the world has.

    I’ll be looking out for “tit hanging” searches in the statistics too Jafabrit. Funny ditty too. It probably should have been posted in an audio format! ;-)

  8. Yes, I agree on his standing as a painter, I meant only that I thought he should not be considered an undiluted (so to speak) realistic painter.

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