Sexy Time – Free Art Print

The Australian artist Hazel Dooney is offering an unlimited print titled “Study for Unsated” to download for free. Which means that you will have to print the work, but if you then send it to her studio she will sign it and send it back to you.

hazel dooney erotic art print

Here’s Hazel’s blog post with a little more about the work.

And here’s a link to the high resolution art print to download.

I wouldn’t advise that you print it out at work or school unless you’re the boss or the teacher!

Over the past couple years Hazel has released a few prints to download and print at your leisure. “An Outline Of Kelly, Later” is also slightly erotic, but her self portrait called “I Will Not Be Your Give Man Anymore” has no bums, boobs or private bits in it, so it’s safe to view and/or print at work.

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  1. Hey, if musicians can offer their songs/albums as free downloads, why not visual artists? I guess its to get buzz going-I’ll definitely be spreading the word about this-Jessica

  2. Interesting comparison with the music downloads Jessica.

    I like the idea.. especially how the artist offers to sign it if people send it to her. It adds that little bit of originality to the print.


  3. this is awesome


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