Sharks and beds take a rest as Saatchi turns to paintings

“In a shocking lapse of form, the art collector Charles Saatchi is to demonstrate some good taste. The first exhibition of next year in London’s Saatchi Gallery will turn to the old-fashioned practice of colour being applied to a flat surface. Or, in other words, to nothing less than The Triumph of Painting, as the show will be called.

The exhibition will comprise work by some heavyweight and respected international artists – including Marlene Dumas, Peter Doig and Luc Tuymans – while Tracey’s bed and Damien’s shark will be consigned, for a while at least, to storage.”

theguardian – arts

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  1. This has The Stuckists foaming at the mouth!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why bother to store junk? Better to put it straight into the skip.

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