Shocking Scary Photographs of North Korea!

north korean landscape

Singaporean photographer Aram Pan has photographed one of the scariest countries on earth! North Korea, DPRK, the nuclear boogeyman, and member of the axis of evil club! And surprise, surprise, it’s not as shocking and scary as we’re conditioned to believe. The photographer’s DPRK 360 project is an attempt to capture the country as it is.

We in the west are ridiculously good at creating villains. Our great leaders believe that we silly little people need a boogeyman to keep us firmly attached to the government tit. We’re told to fear this country, fear that country, fear brown people, fear yellow people, fear this belief, fear that belief. We’re told to fear so many things that I sometimes wonder how regular sheep find the courage to step outside their houses each day. All the lies and propaganda are happily peddled by the pathetic mainstream media.

Anyway, I’m not saying I support the government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, just as I don’t support the government of any other country on planet earth, I’m just saying throw your television out the window and stop believing in smiling psychopaths wearing suits!

photo of north koreaNorth Korean people going about their daily business. Doesn’t look so scary does it? I have seen scarier looking trams in Europe!

city in north koreaModern looking hotel being built. Our mainstream media would probably label it a launch site for missiles!

Taedong River PyongyangShocking! Just another country! Taedong River in Pyongyang.

Tomb of King Tongmyong in north koreaTomb of King Tongmyong.

north korean school girls dancingNorth Korean school girls dancing at the Mangyongdae School Children’s Palace.

north korean school boyOh look, North Korean school kids can draw.. unlike most of our university graduates studying art ;-)

Mount Kumgang north koreaMount Kumgang Area, North Korea.

north korean girls in swimwearNorth Korean girls having fun at the beach.. who would have thought it possible!

dprk Arch of ReunificationArch of Reunification, DPRK.

cityscape in north koreaNorth Korean cityscape photograph.

I probably added more photographs of North Korea than I should have but I just wanted to show that it’s a country just as much as any other. Is it perfect? Probably not, but it most definitely does not look like the hell on earth that we’re told it is. See more on the DPRK project of Aram Pan at his website here. Also see his DPRK 360 Facebook page here (there’s plenty of interesting photographs on it).

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  1. Hi, Dion

    It just goes to prove that a good photographer can make anything look good. Mind you, nobody ever said North Korea was ugly and that it didn’t have pretty girls. The fat psychopath in charge with his attendant generals writing down everything he says is the country’s main problem. Talented young artist. I hope they don’t shoot him for drawing Hi Chi Min instead of the fat psychopath

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Someone took pictures of the showcase capital. Now that is REALLY showing what North Korea is all about…

  3. Hey Ian
    Yeah I’m not about to defend the nutter.. my point is we’re just as screwed up in the west.. just a different kind of screwed up. The lies and filth that is spewed out of our system’s propaganda arm (all media, education, etc) are no more or less ridiculous than the crap that is shoveled into the minds of North Koreans. I don’t own a tv at the moment but when I do sit down and watch the evening news at a friend’s place I just want to stab myself in the ears and eyes to stop the insanity! If the news told me it was raining outside I would go out to confirm it.

    Anon, I believe he also went outside of the capital. But yeah, we need mirrors on ourselves not microscopes on others.

  4. *no more or less ridiculous I meant to say ;-)

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