Sigur Ros Video – Heima

YouTube is a ridiculously addictive waste of time, yet I keep going back. Not everyday, just when I want to hear a band, singer, or when someone sends me a link and says “you must see this.” But when I do go to YouTube I keep jumping from one video to the next, until I realize that hours have passed and nothing constructive has been done on the PC.

Anyway, here’s a full length documentary on the Icelandic band Sigur Rós. If you know the band you will want to watch the film and if you don’t know the band you may be about to fall in love with them. It goes for 97 minutes which is probably the longest YouTube video that I have ever watched, but it was an enjoyable 97 minutes.

I love the song which is playing at about the 50th minute. I don’t know what they’re saying in their songs and I don’t really care, they just sound great.

There’s a bunch of samples, downloads and news on their website here. Their 2005 Takk.. album is one of my most used CDs lately. I tried buying all their CDs but the store that I ordered them from couldn’t get them for me.

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  1. Thank you so much for bringing [even more] attention to this fabulous documentary! I love this so much, it’s truly beautiful, the visuals, and the sound. Sigur Ros is such a wonderful band!


  2. Yeah, releasing the full length documetary on YouTube seems to have been a great idea for them Anna. I’m sure a lot more people know about them now, especially after being on the YouTube front page.

    It’s a nice look into a country (Iceland) that I don’t know much about too.

  3. It’s interesting if there are many people from Europe reading this blog:) I am:)
    For me the music I like most is from Scandinavia and Oceania:) Only then comes London, New York, Berlin and Paris.

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