Solar Roads

solar roads

What do roads have to do with art? Not much and I don’t really care as this is such a FREAKIN’ good idea!! In fact, I fear that it is so great of an idea that it will never get off the ground. You see, I think the matrix that we live in depends on us having a set number of problems to keep the majority of us on our knees. This awesome idea solves too many problems and improves the lives of too many people in one fell swoop to be allowed. Imagine solar roadways combined with electric cars! The oil and electricity industries wouldn’t stand for it. So, go support solar freakin’ roadways at Indiegogo and at least give this idea a chance… now!!!

They have already raised more than their goal of $1 million dollars. 27,841 funders had raised $1,164,278 when I just checked their page. But that’s no reason to keep your wallet in your pocket. Throw money at these people!! This idea needs to be developed and implemented.

Very rarely am I ever excited about anything that man does. I content myself with making and looking at art, but outside of art I’m a badge wearing misanthrope. All we’re good at is war and oppression.. nothing else. We’re crap at anything that doesn’t involve blowing something up or creating hardship for something or someone. The leaders of this world are all completely insane.

Anyway, I hope I’m wrong and I hope this idea takes off and I hope it goes global!! I swear I’ll stop hating on humanity so much if this idea takes off and improves the lives of billions of people ;-)

solar-roadsEven if every car park and walkway was covered in these solar panels it would be a massive leap forward for humanity.

Watch this Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways video..

So.. go to Indiegogo to donate another million dollars and then go to the Solar Roadways website here to check out what the co-inventors Julie and Scott Brusaw are up to.

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