Spencer Tunick in France

New York photography Spencer Tunick had the French naked with their legs in the air last week. Fifteen hundred French got their threads off in the French town of Lyon to participate in Spencer Tunick’s latest nude fest. Participants were arranged by the artist working from a crane on the waterside port in Lyon, surrounded with multi-colored shipping containers.spencer tunick
France bares all for sake of art
“Tunick told the crowd he saw the port as representing the mystery of commerce, the AFP news agency reports.
The point where the rivers Saone and Rhone joined was a meeting point that he liked to think of “as like the legs of a woman”, he said.
He also recently did a project in Belgium. See some more of Spencer Tunick’s nudes over his website here.

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  1. Thank you for having this art news, i really use them because in my school they ask me to bring as a homework art news weekly.


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