Spencer Tunick in Germany

The New York photographer Spencer Tunick has recently encouraged up to 800 people to put their birthday suits on in Düsseldorf, Germany. Tunick used a monumental nude sculpture by Arno Breker and the Museum Kunst Palast as settings for his nude installations.

spencer tunick nudes
The work was commissioned by the Museum Kunst Palast and will be exhibited their on September 30 this year.

Spencer Tunick Creates Body Sculpture in Düsseldorf
“With this installation, Tunick is connecting with the Düsseldorf Quadriennale06 – the first Year of Art proclaimed by the city and henceforth to be held every four years. Patently with the body theme he is also resuming one that plays such an important part in the work of Caravaggio, to whom museum kunst palast is dedicating a concurrent exhibition of thirty high-calibre loans” ArtDaily

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  1. He did it again, this time in Amsterdam….

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