Spencer Tunick in Venezuela

The American photographer Spencer Tunick managed to get more than 1500 people in Caracas, Venezuela to shed their clothes and pose for him in his latest installation of flesh. (the photo to the left is not of the Venezuelan nudes)
People that pose for the Tunick photo shoots often comment on how free and liberated they feel while doing it. Which makes me think about how much we hide behind our clothes. How we have made a natural thing like being naked, so unnatural. Being naked in a public place with others may bring up some kind of lost primal feelings, like a remembering of the past in some wacky kind of way.

spencer tunick
Venezuelans pose nude in public
Tunick said each volunteer will receive a print of the installation.
“I’m not going to tell my mother about this until I receive the print,” said Josefa Maria Briceno, a 35-year-old surgeon who posed despite having second thoughts. “She’s going to think I’m crazy.” Kentucky.com
“The body represents beauty, love and peace. There was a lot of beauty and energy in the people today.” Spencer Tunick

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  1. I really like his work – there’s something surreal about it, without it being ugly or demeaning.

  2. hi my name is azucena, and i posed naked in venezuela, i love it, but i haven´t see any photos yet, i submit myself and give my email adress, and still havem´t see amy picture, if you send me any I´ll be happy… sorry for my bad english!!! love from caracas

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