Spencer Tunick in Vienna, Austria

New York photographer and flesh architect Spencer Tunick is rallying the troops again. Tunick is planning a shoot in Vienna, Austria, at the Ernst-Happel-Stadium. He is hoping to get more than 3000 participants to the Vienna football stadium on Sunday, May 11.

Here’s some more details from the Spencer Tunick website here..

Spencer Tunick NudesThe first 2,008 registered participants will receive a free return train ticket (coach) within Austria from the ÖBB. Arrival is possible as of May 10, 2008, departure until Sunday, May 11, 11.59 pm. The affirmation for your return journey will be certified at the Ernst-Happel-Stadium in the scope of the installation.

In return for your voluntary participation all participants will receive a limited edition photograph of the installation in the Ernst-Happel-Stadium.

Only participants will have access to the stadium. You will only be nude for a short period of time. The installation will happen Rain or Shine (the stadium’s seats are covered). Participants under 18 years of age may only take part in the installation with written consent of a parent or guardian.

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  1. Got to hand it to Spencer, people may hate his work, and he says he started doing it to get famous, but atleast hes not blatent pornography.

  2. Don’t go giving him ideas David. The next headline could be “10,000 people photographed having sex”

    He might have a few more challenges trying to arrange them. Getting them to stay still while he takes the shot might create problems..lol

  3. What hogwash. And this shit passes for “art” simply because the ignorant call it that. “art” in the eye of the beholder; “Art”, never.

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