Spencer Tunick Nudes in Belgium

Nearly 2000 people put on their birthday suits in near freezing weather recently in Bruges, Belgium for the photographer Spencer Tunick. An estimated 1950 people braved the cold for the sake of art and spread themselves over the ancient cobblestones of the Belgian city, all completely naked. One participant said “It was a good feeling, everybody went naked and there was this sense of togetherness. There was no shame.”spencer tunick - nude installations
Since 1994 the American artist Spencer Tunick has arranged more than 65 nude installation works in the United States and around the world. He has been arrested five times in New York while trying to create his nude installations, but all charges were dropped and he has since been allowed to do his thing in NY.

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  1. He did this in Montreal a few years ago early one morning. It didn’t seem like he had any problem getting participants. Of course, many people who saw the headlines the next day just scratched their heads and said, “huh?”

  2. An interesting story!


  1. [...] “as like the legs of a woman”, he said. ” BBC He also recently did a project in Belgium. See some more of Spencer Tunick’s nudes over his website [...]

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