Spencer Tunick on a Swiss glacier

Greenpeace and the New York flesh architect Spencer Tunick are encouraging volunteers to get naked on a Swiss glacier next month. Greenpeace Switzerland has a sign up page here for those that are interested.

spencer tunick nudes in mexico

Posing naked in public requires a little courage or self confidence, but posing naked on an ice glacier probably requires a little more.. a little more vodka.. a little more insanity!

Greenpeace wants you to get naked on a glacier
“The Swiss shoot, to take place the weekend of August 18-19, is meant “to symbolize the vulnerability of glaciers and the fragility of the human body,” Greenpeace said in a statement released on Wednesday.” Reuters

“It’s very freeing for some people, and they often say they feel sensual. But some people are just uncomfortable. You can tell the uncomfortable ones because they often laugh or make a joke.” Spencer Tunick quote

Update: There’s more on the Swiss glacier photo shoot on this more recent Spencer Tunick post.

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  1. You never know what might get frost-bite if you take part in that, but it is for charity too.

  2. Ouch!

    Guys will have an excuse for shrinkage too.

    I doubt Tunick will break any attendence records with this one.

    But yeah, the message behind it might pull a crowd.

  3. Rainbow of Love says:

    First thing I notice: no blacks! no women! no disabled! Where is the diversity?!?!!

  4. absolute rubbish, I was there, and it was completely open to volunteers,and there was a mixture of race. people who WANTED to be there were, you cant force people.

  5. Rainbow of Love says:

    Maybe some people should be forced to be there. There should be a quota, just like at university and for the good jobs. Global damage impacts us all!

  6. First thing I notice is people getting together and doing something that takes a lot of courage.

    You should start looking for more positives Rainbow of Love.

    Perhaps your quota should be brought in at hospitals where babies are born too? Whenever the ratio of black, white, yellow, male, and female get out of whack we just start getting rid of the extras?

    I could see a problem if Spencer Tunick didnt allow all people to be photographed, but like Joberg says, it is open to EVERYONE.

  7. Rainbow of Love says:

    You are right, I need to check my vibe and ask “why?” We all know diversity is important, and it upset me to see all these pictures of white men who can afford to take off work and travel for the art and the earth. I want to find the root causes for no women, no Asians, no blacks, no fats or disabled, and bring everyone into this dialogue. Babies born in hospitals is so western. I am listening with my heart, and Mother Earth is crying out, and this is why I am negative. You are right, this is a positive and constructive art and earth message, and I am grateful to all participants. Thank you joberg and artnews blog.

  8. Ted Haggards Choir Boy says:

    Human body is 98.6′ f.

    Ambient temperature 50′f.

    Ice melts at 32′ f.

    Are all environmentalists this math illiterate?

  9. Anonymous says:

    My friend Moto was there…In the middle…The little one…..

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