Spider-Man Hard-On Taken Down

spiderman hardon

South Korean artist Eunsuk Yoo’s Spider-Man sculpture hanging from the side of a building has been taken down after complaints from the public. The red and blue superhero is looking down over a public rest area and playground with a giant erection bulging out of his tights. I’m thinking either heights excite Spidey or there’s a stripper pole in the playground. After being up there for almost 12 months the artist was told to alter the Spider-Man sculpture or take it down.

The artist couldn’t work out why the public would be offended by a giant erection looking down over a playground, but he says he’ll do a better job next time.

super hero super hardonHey kids, up here, look at me, I’m Spider-Man, see how happy I am?

spider man erect penisSuper hero mating call, maybe.

spider man hard penisIt all seems rather innocent if you stand back far enough. The sculpture was at the Lotte Shopping Center in Busan, South Korea.

spiderman hard dickHere’s an earlier version of the Spider-Man artwork with erect penis.

See more about the erotic Spider-Man sculpture on the artist’s facebook page here (It’s mostly in Korean).

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