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I collect pictures of stairs. I have a whole folder filled with all kinds of stair pictures. I live in a single level house with not a stair in site, but someday I want to build a house with an awesome set of stairs in it. I have hundreds of them.. I’ll probably have thousands of stair photographs before I ever use them for inspiration.

How beautiful are some of these?!

contemporary stairs

Sleek and sexy set of stairs. I love curves.

staircase photographs

If I had a design style it would be part industrial, part slick contemporary and part old and worn.


This is an awesome set of stairs. I love how old and new meet. I really like contrast.

sexy stairs

Another sexy staircase.

stone staircases

I like stone staircases too. Actually I would also like to live in a castle ;-)

simple stairs

These steps are simple and beautiful. The dark light contrast makes it.

stair picture

Another nice set of stairs.

sexy stairs

These are very sexy stairs.

Sorry I don’t have any credits for the stair pictures. I didn’t plan on sharing them. I was just looking through them and thought they were too beautiful not to share ;-)

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