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I think it helps to know the subject that you paint. For example, if I was a farmer I would probably paint cows and chickens because it’s what I would know best. But what would I paint if I was a stockbroker in a past life?… Stock ticker symbols!!

That’s what the artist Anthony White has started doing. After the success of his Money series of paintings, he has started painting the stock symbols of companies listed on stock exchanges around the world. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I couldn’t think of a more honest subject for a (former) stockbroker to paint. It kind of adds a layer of realness to it all for me.

woolworths ticker symbol wow

Here’s a blurb from his website.. “One thing I didn’t anticipate when I did The Money Series is just how attached people are to certain numbers or what numbers meant to them. I thought The Money Series was about how money related to art. In stockbroking and life I have dealt with a lot of numbers and none of them ever meant much to me. However there are a lot of stock codes that mean a great deal to me. The first share I bought, my first two bagger, my first ten bagger, the one that got away, the one that paid for my first overseas holiday, the one that went belly up, the dogs, etc. If you buy a Stock Code Painting I am willing to publish your short story about why this codes means something to you.” Anthony White

I’m the owner of the Woolworths ticker symbol (WOW), listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. It’s kind of like the Australian version of Wal-Mart but it mostly focuses on groceries, and it’s reputation isn’t quite as bad as Wal-Mart’s. I also thought it looked a bit Pop as it also says “Wow!”.

I interviewed Anthony when he started painting his Money Series earlier.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think the American artist Jeff Koons was also a stockbroker. It could have been another contemporary American artist, but I know one of them was.

    Was it Koons?

  2. Paul Gauguin was also a stockbroker, for about ten years. That work had little influence on his imagery. Maybe that’s just as well.

  3. Hey Anon.. this is what wikipedia says about Jeff Koons..

    Koons attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Maryland Institute College of Art, and studied painting. After college he worked as a Wall Street commodities broker, whilst establishing himself as an artist.

    And yeah, the island life of Gauguin is probably much more interesting than stockbroker life of Gauguin could have ever been. Beaches, palm trees, and beautiful naked people interest me more than stocks ;-)

    Also, Rebecca, when you leave your website address with a comment, make sure you put http:// in front of it, otherwise it will look something like this..


  4. Cool idea!

  5. It’s terrible. Rembrandt has to roll in his grave with 3000 RPM

  6. If former broker paint like this…
    People of Earth, please don’t allow former pimps to buy oil and brushes %)

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