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street art worldwide

I dislike “do no evil” google as much as any other global behemoth with a monopoly position in their industry but they do put out some good free stuff. Their Street Art Project is a global look at what’s happening on outdoor walls around the world. It’s an ongoing project that will improve over time but there’s already a good range of street art and graffiti to browse. I chose to share some of the street art from areas outside of the major art hubs of the world as that’s just the way I am ;-)

Here’s some outdoor, street, urban art (call it what you will) from around the world..

el seed street art tunisiaEl Seed – Temoula, Tunisia

philippines street artRai Cruz – Las Piñas City, Cavite, Philippines

Buenos Aires urban artistJaz – Camargo 900, Buenos Aires

street art in polandSepe – Poland, Lodz, ul. Próchnika 9

portuguese street artMar – Rua da Cascalheira, Lisboa, Portugal

One thing all urban artists seem to have in common worldwide: Silly names! If they want to rebel against norms, why can’t they call themselves Charles Robert Smith or Wendy James? Still, you gotta love them, street artists. They make our world a more beautiful place, for the most part. Take a street art tour around the world at the google website here.

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