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I haven’t posted much this week as I have started painting in my neighbor’s shed. It’s the first time I have used oil paints or had a studio in almost two years, so the internet just hasn’t been as important for me this week.

I forgot how much oils smell, but I also forgot how much fun they are. I like the idea of growing a painting, letting it develop over time, and not feeling pressured into finishing it at any point. So oils are perfect for me.. and I’m starting to like the smell again!

Anyway, here’s what has been happening lately..

  • ArtInfo pops into the studio and mind of the scrap metal merchant and sculptor John Chamberlain. Here’s a quote by the man “I’m basically a collagist. I put one thing together with another thing. I sort of invented my own art supplies. I saw all this material just lying around against buildings and it was in color, so I felt I was ahead on two counts there.”
  • Listen to the Guardian’s Jonathan Jones and the Tate Modern’s Nicholas Serota bestow praise on Cy Twombly.
  • ArtDaily mentioned the Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary Art auction in London where artist records were the theme of the night. Artists that achieved auction records were Jeff Koons ($25,752,051), Antonio Lopez ($2,760,863), Michael Andrews ($1,967,939), Gilbert & George ($3,765,275), Nicolas de Stael ($3,430,451), Syed Haider Raza ($2,537,587), Karin Mamma Andersson ($1,030,879), and Yan Pei-Ming ($2,046,512).
  • NY Times talks about the Joseph Mallord William Turner exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They call it a “beast of a show” so it must be good. Here’s some JMW Turner paintings from the exhibition.
  • Times Online talks about the book “Dalí & I: The Surreal Story” where the author Stan Lauryssens claims that half of all Salvador Dali works are fake. I hope the good half is by Dali as I think half of his work is average.
  • Regional Arts NSW newsletter for July was published.
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  1. Hi Dion

    Good for you to be back “inside” art.
    I don’t have a studio and that’s something that I’d really like to have, namely because I like to work with more than one medium and I got to put things away each time I want to change.

    Have a nice weekend,


  2. Yeah it’s nice to be back and holding a paintbrush Jose. Almost feels like being back home again.

    It’s good to not have to put your things away after working ;-)


  3. It’s good of you to paint your neighbours shed for him. You might get a Turner nomination for that sort of thing. I’m surprised your list of what’s happened lately missed out the Harleston & Waveney Art Trail on this weekend and also 12/13and 19/20th July. It really is quite an event. Over 25 artists take part and you get to visit their homes and studios.
    But please try to avoid some of my mistakes. In one lady’s house I was admiring her unmade bed and said I though it was better than work by Tracy Emmin but then her husband yelled and shook his fists at me. I told him he was one of the best performance artists I’d seen in years and he then chucked me out. It was certainly a very moving and emotional experience. The next studio I visited had a very impressive fish tank but I thought comparisons with the work of Mr Hirst were perhaps best left unsaid.
    Then I visited the studio of the painter and printmaker Nicola Slattery. The well known art critic and Nun (now that is what I call multi tasking), Sister Wendy Beckett recently said Slattery’s work celebrated “… a largeness of spirit. an innocence and a delight in the possibilities of being human. This is magical art, pure, humorous and strong”
    Now if that doesn’t get you on the next plane to Norfolk (UK) I don’t know what will but I’ll try to add a link to her web site just in case your neighbour wants you to stay and finish his shed. Good luck with it. I hope it looks as good as it smells.

  4. You made me laugh Earl. You probably should keep out of pharmacies, seafood shops and I don’t think any of them would get your Hirst references.

    I love the idea of open studios.. I wish there was something similar in my area.

  5. It’s good to have a separate place to paint/ make art. I think the smell of oil paint is great, but if your work is drying in the house it takes ages for the smell to go so a shed sounds like a good idea.

    You could start your own open studios in your area. I’m sure you could find others who want to do the same thing. Although it depends if your friend minds people visiting his shed!

  6. Yeah I pretty much stopped painting completely when I didnt have a studio/shed to paint in Helly. It’s almost impossible if you dont have a dedicated place. Especially if youre messy and have 10 or 20 paintings on the go.

    I did try painting in the back yard for a while but the dogs (2 little male dogs) kept pissing on my drying paintings and AND there was always white dog hair sticking to them.

    And yeah, it’s not a place I would open up to the public, but I would love to do it someday when I get my own place. I always feel so privilidged to be in another artist’s studio, especially when half finished works are all over the place.

  7. Whoever says that half of Dali’s works are Fake is an idiot, and you can tell them I said so. :)

  8. John Briner says:

    Good luck with the oils! Sound like fun…

    John Briner

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