Studio / Office Chair Winner

Thanks to everyone that entered the studio slash office chair giveaway. I invited my good friend around, filled him with coffee and chocolate biscuits, then asked him to pick a winner.

The winner he chose was Corrine (Jafabrit) and she chose the Topstar Sitness 5 Fitness Stool. Here’s why she chose the chair..

The topstar in lime green because it looks like a work of art, because it rocks, because it looks goofy, because it would fit in my studio, because I LOVE it, because I WANT one, because I want to hear my husband say, “what the hell is that”, and I can say smugly, “why darling it is my ergonomic stool” humph!

Office Chair Winner
I would have liked to give everyone a chair but I don’t think CSN Office Furniture would have been open to the idea of giving away 60+ chairs!

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Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. Kinda looks like PacMan. Hope its comfortable, would have entered, but would have gotten paint all over it. Thought the art teacher would have won, but happy for JafaBrit. Sure you dont have one Dionysus? Would be great to lean back in with your glass of wine, better get Burgundy then

  2. That is a way cool thingy! It definitely needs a name. Something that far out looking should have an equally dashing name, like Buzz or Jax or something. Yep, I would definitely get paint all over it and feel rotten about that. Fab design!

  3. YEA! That is WAY cool, that I actually won something and a lime green ergonomic stool at that. Thank You! I can’t wait. I will place it in the middle of the room and wait to see if mr.jafabrit notices.
    I shall of course let you know if he does and if he says “what the hell is that”.

    I shall call it “erg”

  4. ps. did you know you are listed here

    congratulations, that is cool

  5. Well done Jafabrit nice competition Dion.

    It’s a bit creature like so should have a name. Anything that looks like it should have a name in my house gets called Fred.

  6. Darn. Lost again…..

  7. What a very unique and useful thing to give away to artists. I’ve been wanting to have a give a way over at my blog but can’t seem to think of just the right item. Seeing this will help me think a bit outside the internet box of iPods and Flip cameras.

  8. I dont have one Donald. I wanted one but they don’t deliver to Australia. My chair is falling apart, so if anyone really needs a chair its me. I thought you would have entered too. Got too many chairs sitting around the place? Also I didnt choose the winner and my friend knows nothing about my blog or the people I know online as I didnt want to play favorites.

    I have never thought of the blog as “scholarly” Corrine, but it’s still nice to be put on any list of art blogs ;-)

    Helly, that’s funny.. calling things Fred. I hope u don’t mistakenly call the boyfriend or hubby

  9. I wouldn’t have been able to call it fred because it would be confused with another thing called fred around here ahem!

  10. I am (lime) green with envy! Just kidding – congratulations!

  11. I’m not even going to ask what that thing is Im guessing its not the dog though.

  12. Hi,

    Why was Corrine the winner when she knows that anyone here deserves it more than her ?

    Have a nice weekend,

    José :-)

    P.S. yes it’s me…

  13. Why do you think anyone here deserves it more than her Jose? How do you know her home isnt chair-poor?

    And my friend didnt really give a reason for picking Corrine. He just read through the answers a couple times, picked “Jafabrit’s Art” and I said, you sure that’s your pick? And he said yes. Then he continued eating my chocolate

    It wasnt like there were exhaustive discussions on who should win and why. I also didnt ask for essay submissions as I’m lazy and wouldnt read them anyway, I just wanted short basic entries that didnt require a lot of effort on anyone’s part.

  14. Well I am not sure deserve is the right word, but having a fair chance winning it, well why not me eh! I have degenerative back disease so good posture and back exercises are important for keeping it under control. So it was a good win for several reasons, mostly because it is good for my back.

    ps. It arrived and is now in my studio :)


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