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As much as I love beaches and the ocean, I rarely ever go out into the water. I’m afraid of sharks, stinging jellyfish, fish with spikes in the sand, and rip currents! Everything is trying to kill you at the beach. My friend is a surfer and talks about sitting out there on his board while sharks calmly swim past. I’ll stick to the sand until I grow gills and sharp teeth ;-) Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked. Will Adler is showing some of his beautiful beach culture and surfing photography at the Danziger Gallery in New York.

The photographs include beaches in Hawaii, California, and Montauk. They look at the culture and atmosphere of the surfing scene as much as the actual act of surfing. They show women surfers as much as men surfers, wet dogs, beautiful waves, surf boards and awesome sunsets. This first photo of a wave at Tahiti is so ridiculously beautiful!

beautiful waveWill Adler – Tahiti, 2009 – 40 x 60 inch pigment print

wet dog at beachWill Adler – Wet Dog, 2014 – 27 x 40 inch pigment print

woman surferWill Adler – Sitting, 2009 – 15 x 22 inch pigment print

beautiful beach photosWill Adler – Santa Barbara, 2014 – 40 x 60 inch pigment print

big wave surferWill Adler – Porto Escondido, 2012 – 22 x 15 inch pigment print

swimmers at beachWill Adler – Waikiki, 2010 – 16 x 24 inch pigment print

The Will Adler photography exhibition can be seen at the Danziger Gallery in New York City until the 31st of July. See gallery details and more surf photographs from the exhibition at the gallery website here. If you still want more, check out the photographer’s blog and website here.

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