Sydney and PJ Harvey at the Opera House

Posting has been a little light lately as I took off for some city time in Sydney. My excuse for going down to Sydney was to see PJ Harvey at the Sydney Opera House, which was well worth the extra dollars I had to pay for tickets on eBay! (it was sold out so I took the risk with tickets on eBay).

I did a search on Youtube and found a couple videos. The sounds and images aren’t the best as they were recorded with mobile phones, but being there in great seats was amazing.

Last time I went to the Sydney Opera House I didn’t hear an electric guitar, but the place is perfect for one. Here’s PJ Harvey singing “To Bring You My Love” from one of her older albums. The person recording it must have been way up the back.

Here’s a slower, more acoustic song called “Grow Grow Grow” from her new White Chalk album. The person recording it was much closer too.

I also walked a thousand miles and visited a bunch of art galleries but the highlight was the PJ Harvey concert at the Sydney Opera House.

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  1. I enjoyed it too and I’m not a big fan of P.J. Harvey.

  2. Sounds great! I would have loved to have seen that, and at the opera house as well.

    I definitely didn’t manage to see all the galleries in Sydney, I think I got a bit worn out doing the tourist thing, so I took to the beach. Thoroughly enjoyed it all though.

  3. Yeah it was amazing seeing her at the Opera House Helly. I thought she was just going to play her quiet acoustic slow songs from her new album, but she really bashed out some rockin tunes with her electric guitar hanging off her. I loved it.

    Sounds like you needed more time in Aus too. Sydney is nice but it is just a city, much like any other city in the world. There’s a lot of fascinating natural places in Australia that you won’t see anywhere else though.

    There’s lots of little creepy crawly things in nature that bite but you have to take the good with the bad.


  4. Boy the sound is fantastic, and it sounds like the whole trip was way cool.

  5. Sounded even more fantastic being there. It’s the perfect venue. I hope they host more rock, pop, folk, alternative musicians there as it could be a good excuse for me to get away more often!

  6. I loved this show, great to see the footage. I also saw her very first Aus show at Enmore way back and this was as good, but very different of course. She’s a true artist, raw musicality (:?), great new album songs but also great stripped back versions of old songs revisited, and not so quiet.

  7. Dion, I am confused about this, did you submit this content to this blog or did they scrape it?

  8. Hmm.. it is scraped Corrine. Thanks for letting me know about it.

    It’s frustrating, but I really couldnt be bothered chasing down every blog that did it.

    When I first noticed this kind of thing I tried to ask nicely to take it down or at least credit me for writing it, then I tried contacting their web host, domain registrar, or advertisers, but no one seemed to care.

    So now I just don’t care. It’s just a part of being on the internet I guess.. (like spam). It’s a bit like being angry at the sun for burning me.. it would be pointless to complain if the sun isn’t accepting complaints from earthlings.

    Such is life.

    I still love the internet though! Even if the rules of right and wrong don’t apply.


  9. I left a comment on that post Corrine. I doubt they will approve it

  10. Hmm I’ve noticed this before where other websites either copy part of a post or the whole of it with everyone’s comments on their site.

    Sometimes they credit it to the original site, other times, as on this occassion they ‘forget’ to do this.

    It’s quite odd thought when you do see your own or other people’s comments/ articles on another site like this.

  11. I was just a little confused at first, but realized soon enough what the deal was.

  12. Yeah, it’s rude that they take the comments from the post too!!

    Stealing a whole post without crediting the author is bad, but taking the comments too is just sad.

    I noticed that they didnt publish my comment on their post.

  13. It seems their blog was taken down.

  14. Corrine, their blog is still up. They just took the Egon Schiele page down.

    I was surprised that they did anything! Scrapers that listen.. that’s something new.

    Thanks again for sharing ;-)


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