Sydney Contemporary 13

sydney contemporary art fair

I should be heading down to Sydney this weekend as there’s the new and much talked about Sydney Contemporary art fair on, but I just couldn’t be bothered. I know.. what kind of an art blogger am I?! A poor one at the moment. It’s only a couple of hours drive but I usually like to stay in Sydney for the night to catch up with what’s on. Since I can’t afford to stay the night I’m not going. Rich country problems, huh?

Anyway, it’s the first year of the modern and contemporary international art fair, so it’ll probably have a few teething problems.. or that’s what I tell myself because I’m almost definitely not going. Next year.. next year it will be better because I’ll probably go next year ;-)

Here’s a blurb from the organizers..

Established by Tim Etchells, co-founder of the hugely successful ART HK, Sydney Contemporary is a world-class event that provides an international platform for the visual arts in arguably Australia’s most spectacular city. Home to over 4 million people, the stunning harbourside capital is the largest, oldest, and most cosmopolitan city in Australia, and widely recognized as one of the world’s most beautiful and liveable cities.

A bunch of people have already started posting pictures of it on facebook and it does seem worth the trip. There will be 80 Australian and international galleries showing at the new art fair.

michael zavros sunflowers

Michael Zavros – Sunflowers. A nod to Damien Hirst and possibly Vincent in a style that has nothing to do with either of them. I like it. The artist will be at stand D104 with the Sophie Gannon Gallery.

yayoi kusama sydney contemporary

Yayoi Kusama – Pumpkin. The Japanese Whitestone Gallery will be exhibiting.

Find out more about the exhibitors and how to get to the Sydney Contemporary art fair at their website here.

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