Sydney Hotel Night Photos

I was just playing with the night view function on my little digital camera and realized that I shouldn’t drink coffee and attempt night pictures. I was leaning up against the window and even tried to stop breathing while I clicked but I was still shaking (click pictures for larger views)..

sydney harbour bridge

After about 30 photos I finally got one without the blurring, but I think I liked the blurs more..

sydney harbour bridge

Blurred or not, it’s a nice view. I could never understand why people were so obsessed with nice views. Hotels charge more for them, real estate agents talk about them like they’re gold, and now I know why.

This is the view that I have from my bed, which is probably why I didn’t get much sleep last night. During the day I’m not as motivated to rush straight out the door either. If your hotel room has a view of a brick wall or an air conditioner, you’re much more inspired to get out of the hotel for the whole day. But now I keep looking for excuses to go back to the hotel during the day!

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Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. I like your pictures. Good work :-)

  2. Blurred or not, still gives a great idea of the view and WHAT a view, it is wonderful.

    I agree it makes all the difference what sort of view you have from your hotel or bedroom window.

  3. that’s beautiful!

  4. Publishing an art blog must pay well. My hotel rooms only ever have views of brick walls.

  5. JH, maybe other blogs earn good money, but not this one. If my goal with Art News Blog was to earn good money I would have failed.

    I’m interested in art and I like to know what is happening around the world, so the blog keeps me looking. It could earn a lot more than it does but that’s not my goal.


  6. It can take a while to get a good picture especially at night; much to my friend’s confusion when they realise I’m 10 paces behind taking a picture of something.

    When the view is as pretty as Sydney Harbour you’ve got a head start.

  7. It is my understanding that the blogs that earn the most money are the one’s focussed on earning money with ads or sales of some type.

    Like you I used my blog as a platform and visual sketchbook for art, but also yes, it keeps me on the ball with what is going on in the art world.

  8. Yeah its a pretty view Helly. It takes me ages to get to sleep as i keep opening my eyes to make sure nothing has

    Money and finance blogs seem to do quite well too Corrine. There’s not much money in any kind of art site. It has to be because you love art or youre wasting your time.

    For example, I know of an art site getting 10 to 15 thousand page views per day and it earns 30 to 50 dollars per day. I also know of a business site getting about 600 page views per day and earning 30 to 50 dollars per day.

  9. wow 10 to 15 thousand a day, I am lucky if I get 60 LOL! Not that I am complaining, just well, hum, interesting.

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