Takashi Murakami and Louis Vuitton Controversy

There’s an interesting article over at the LA Times on art, manufacturing, brands, and people that seem to enjoy being in court.

“They may not have realized it, but the folks who snapped up as much as $4-million worth of limited-edition prints by artist Takashi Murakami two years ago at the special Louis Vuitton boutique inside his exhibition at L.A.’s Museum of Contemporary Art apparently were getting nicely mounted handbags — minus the snaps and straps.” LA Times

Basically, a collector didn’t like the fact that his Takashi Murakami Louis Vuitton prints were just left over Louis Vuitton material strapped to canvas stretchers.

I can’t see a problem with it. Takashi Murakami is like Japan’s Damien Hirst and he doesn’t hide the fact that he’s a branding machine in the business of selling products. The exhibition at the The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles was called “Copyright Marakami” which should have given the collector some idea of what the artist is all about.

You don’t expect a Damien Hirst spot painting to be painted by Damien Hirst.

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  1. Yes, I do. And if it weren’t painted by Moneybags Hirst it would be a fake by my reckoning and only a fool would buy it. Even if it were painted by him, I would’t want his bloody spots. Chicken pox would be more artistic and less boring.

    Banksy did a nice Mickey-take of Moneybags’ spots, with a charlady lifting up a spotty painting to brush dirt underneath. Says it all.

  2. His painters probably do a better job Ian, so as long as he signs them, everyone wins ;-)

    I saw the Banksy/Hirst pic.. If I remember rightly I think it was a collaboration for the RED auction (for charity).

    I like the things that these guys can get away. I like how they blur the lines. The so called purity of art and evils of money mixing is an interesting spectator sport.

  3. Yeah, its interesting as long as we take it for what it is, society page hijinks. Not Art. its always good entertainment laughin at the rich. And they just dont get it, incredible.

    So you are looking in my neck of the woods. Go to the arts blog, culturemonster.com for more on it, and LA reactions.(mine of course too). Last night two of Aldeana’s friends came by to my show, one an Australian architect who lives here and helped design the store in the Murakami show. No one went for the art, they went for the produce, that this fool didnt get it is just hilarious.

    No one goes to MoCA except because of opening parties and social events like this, marketing runs LA. Its all conceptual crap, and dont even show that incredibly good Count Panza collection they swindled the guy out of. They wineded and dined him, got all hist stuff with promised to keep it together and his name on it, and then screwed him. You would never know he was connected with the museum at all. And what he gave is all the good stuff they got, late Modern work I wanted them to sell to LACMA where it belongs, its not contemporary. Pollocks, de Kooning, Rothcko, de Stael.

    And you never see them anymore, yet they complain about the location and smallness of the building. They got two, and there is plenty of room when you dont waste all those endless white walls on tiny little art school garbage. You can always tell the worth of a work, as it is inverted from the amount of white walls used. The more wall, the more precious they are trying to make the fetishistic crap seem. Great art needs no presentation, just stick it all in there, and there is plenty of room. But this makes jobs for the endless art school spewing out of curators, gallerists, critics, and organizers. No field is more top heavy in administration, with so little to show for it. Smoke and mirrors.

    Anyway, gotta run and sit with the paintings today, off tomorrow, i am 50. Damn that hurts, but wife has something special planned, we still look in our 30s, well, she looks 28, I look 38.

    Gotta make a quick stop at The Guardian and JJs blog. seeya traveler.

    art collegia delenda est

  4. The Murakami store looked impressive from the photos I saw. T shirts looked like art.

    And I think the guy just wants money and a little attention as he refused a refund for his prints. Perhaps he just needs a hug.

    Happy 50th too old man. Im 33 and probably look 40 as my black hair is going grey and it isn’t getting any thicker! I thought them idiot scientists would have a cure for baldness by now..lol.

  5. Seems thats what the judge thought, he just threw the case out with similar sentiments, and that the guy wanted his cake and eat it to. Wanted to keep the “art”, and get compensated. LOL!. Only in America.

  6. If I was the judge I would take his prints AND fine him for being so greedy..lol.

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